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The 2D Sidescroller

Matthew Meakin

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Terraria

Well, you may be asking yourself now,
What the hell is Terraria?
Well let us start us off at....
The Elements of Terraria Terraria is a 2D Sidescroller that takes
ideas and elements from other games
such as:
Castlevania Series
Metroid Series
But it isn't just limited to these series as
they also take helpful suggestions and
ideas from the community! This means that.... You can modify the very environment like minecraft,
however like the Castlevania and Metroid series it
is only 2D. However, it contains a lot adventure and RPG
elements. This means that you can face off hundreds of different
kinds of enemies, and modify the enviroment to make that encounter easier.
So if your facing a boss and the area your in is far too rough don't worry!
Just flatten the area before engaging the boss!
Now. Lets go see some pictures. As to tie in with the last bit of text,
this next bit is the Eye of C'thulu, a boss.
As you will see has moderately flattened
the area around the bosss so he can jump and
easily run around the boss without much fear of
being trapped in a corner. This here is a little bit of cave exploration,
while it does not look very exciting in this picture
as he has cleared the area and light it up with torches
it does get a little hectic from what I have seen when you
get to the underworld and even the underground jungle biomes
where giant hornets and evil vines attack you, giving you no respite
from danger. Now lets move on.... The Developers There is a team of 4 people with a strong group of 20+ Testers who
work on this game day and night
to get this game working. And considering
Terraria has been in development
since January 2011 they have made great progress.
Lets start off at Redigit.... Game Creator / Programmer
Andrew (Redigit) Spinks is an avid gamer who has always aspired to create his own game, and eventually his own game studio. To that end, he began by teaching himself how to code. First with Visual Basic, and then onto the much more powerful C#. He decided it was time to have a crack at making the game of his dreams, and here it is!
Now the Production Assistant Blue.... Production Assistant
Jeremy (Blue) Guerrette is what most would call a jack of all trades. He lends himself to the idea of every person being a story worth reading. He does not believe in solution through conflict and this has led him to be very outspoken in the ways of mediation and compromise. As a gamer he finds joy in the chance to explore many more stories. He hopes to be a part of something that can bring stories and joy to many others. This is his main goal as Production Assistant for Terraria.
Now the art and graphic designers! Graphics Designers
Finn (Tiy) Brice is an old school gamer, who enjoys games that make the player think, feel, laugh and smile whilst still providing a tight and challenging experience. He has always wanted to be a games developer and believes that indie gaming is undergoing a renaissance that is only now allowing the games he loves to step into the spotlight. Experienced in game design, graphics design and management he hopes to bring all he has to offer to Terraria to aid in producing a wonderful experience for its players. Graphic Designer
Gabriel (Red Yoshi) Henrique Kiesshau is known for spiriting anything a person asks. He enjoys drawing and spriting anything that will someday get into a game. One of his characteristics is that he is never satisfied with his work, so he is always thinking on how better his works could get. He wishes to, someday, design his own games that might bring entertainment and joy to people. This is gradually becoming a truth because of his Graphical Designer position in Terraria.
Now the only problem with the game I have encountered so far
is the fact it is still in closed beta.
The horrible thing about this is that not much information can
be found!
So this is the very little information that I can give.
Now before this ends here are some other images. The Underground Jungle biome! The Hellish Underworld! The deadly poison corruption! I hope by now you have been intrigued!
This was brought to you by..... Matthew Meakin!
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