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on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Millennials

Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y
...a group of individuals who are about the same age, and have experienced specific historic events, such as:
an economic crisis,
an economic boom,
a war, or
significant political changes
What were they saying?
They're the most self centered, self seeking, self interested, self absorbed, self indulgent, self aggrandizing generation [in American history]
What were they saying?
[Gen X] has seen more medical and technological advances than any prior generation.

Gen X has shortened the learning curve, as their fast-paced attention span generates a continual desire for new ideas and, yes, even more technology.
What are they saying?
Stephen Colbert at University of Virginia:
You Owe the Previous Generation Nothing
Priorities change,
Silent Generation
household income
in 2015
The role
of Advisors
For Millennials, the relationship with an expert consists of people coming together, sharing ideas, and drawing conclusions, based on input from all parties...they expect to be heard, and play a meaningful role in decision making.
Make investing approachable
Millennials have endured serious economic downturns during crucial times in their lives.

Although the economy has worked against this generation at many critical moments, they still have a hunger for risk.

Find ways to capitalize on that risk-taking spirit in order to bring some fun to investing.
Be real
Millennials are not motivated by stretch goals or ideal outcomes. They are paralyzed. The only way to gain their trust and capitalize on their risk-taking ability, is to be realistic.

Do not paint an ideal picture of the reward that can come from investing. Simply paint the picture of the less-glamorous risk-versus-rewards scenario. Remember, this information-obsessed generation will find out anything you aren't telling them.

Be as transparent and realistic as you can be, and you will truly be a trusted advisor.
values don't
The next era
of investing

Thank you
Fearless Borrowers
Cautious Savers
The information contained is provided as a general source of information only and does not provide investors or advisors any opinion regarding the implementation of this information.
Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy at the time of this publication, however accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and AGF takes no responsibility for reliance on the information contained herein.

®The AGF logo “What are you doing after work?” and all associated trademarks are registered trademarks of AGF Management Limited and used under license.
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