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Universal Constructs: Essential for 21st Century Readiness

The “Universal Constructs” were identified following an analysis of the competencies and habits of mind needed for future successes in careers, college and citizenry.

lynn mccartney

on 20 August 2010

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Transcript of Universal Constructs: Essential for 21st Century Readiness

Universal Constructs
for the Iowa Core Critical Thinking Complex Communication Creativity Collaboration Flexibility and Adaptability Productivity Accountability Partnership for 21st Century Skills:
Teaching 21st Century Learners Video •thoughtful questioning
•reflective practice
•analyze, select, use, and evaluate various
approaches solutions
•frame critical issues
•analysis and synthesis of multiple sources of
•intentional use of disciplinary frameworks
•suspension of judgment •use of appropriate forms of information
•understanding different modes of
•meaningful and engaging interactions
•focus around the key message
•navigation through nuances of effective
communication •disciplined process of inquiry
•capturing or collecting new ideas
•combining unrelated ideas into something new
•respectful exchange of ideas
•engagement in formal and informal learning
•divergent thinking
•entrepreneurial thinking
•comfort with open ended challenges
•reshaping current thought to a new context
•pattern recognition •non-hierarchal leadership
•respect for a complex process
requiring individuals to
contribute and participate
•a belief in group synergy
•understanding and application of
effective group processes
•productive group interactions •understanding and embracing change
•respect for unique qualities of yourself
and others
•thoughtful response to disruptions •recognizing and responding to discord in
productive ways
•risk management
•proactive and reactive approaches to change
•acknowledging ambiguity •acquiring new learning on one’s own
•application of appropriate processes and tools
•self-sufficiency as required in a complex environment
•identification of available opportunities
•motivation and commitment to achieve
•assuming leadership roles
•building on prior learning in a variety of contexts
•self-confidence and self-respect •negotiation processes that generate solutions
•managing and resolving conflicts
•cultural competency
•use of various communication processes http://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html Tomorrow's Job Titles
Visualization Specialists
Social Network Analysts
Corporate Jesters
Parenting Counselors
Web gardeners
Simplicity Experts
Explanation Graphic Designers
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