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Seed to Flower

No description

David Munoz

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Seed to Flower

A Seed
Liesle begins to feel the compassion of her new family and friendship from her new found friend Rudy.
With the new found compassion Liesle feels, she can now step outside her comfort zone and find new interests. Liesle discovers her curiosity and love for books.
Liesle meets Max and finally completes her personal growth. She's developed a wonderful, curious wonder filled personality filled with passions. She can finally express herself.
Liesle once again experiences tragedy, but instead of having to restart, she has now grown into her loving personality. Even without those she loves, she knows their compassion changed her, and she can now stick to her roots, and always go back to the girl she really is.
From Seed to Flower
Observing Growth
Growth is something necessary, and impossible to ignore in every ones lives. As we grow older, we learn, laugh, love, live, and ultimately die. This process we call life is different for us all, but for everyone, the beauty of love and compassion is the same. In the film, The Book Thief, directed by Brian Percival, and wonderful example of growth is demonstrated by Liesel Hermann. Liesle, a young, illiterate girl arrives in a small german town, alone to be presented with her new foster parents. Liesle had been through many tragedies through her young life, including the recent death of her brother, and was portrayed as a fragile, scared and timid girl. Much like a small seed. Although at first she seemed quiet, her new foster parent, Hans showed her compassion, and that she had no reason to be shy. This was the beginning of Liesle's growth. With the help of her new father, and a school boy named Rudy, Liesle began to blossom into a new person, with a new personality. This blossoming continued as she discovered her intrigue with books and literature. As Liesle explored dozens of topics in the many books she read, she allowed herself to bloom into her new life. She was now curious, and asking questions. After many months with her new family, Liesle finally experienced her last bit of growth with Max. With Max, Liesle could express herself. She could put her thoughts into words and explain them to Max. With this young man it was hard to believe that she was once the silent young girl who had moved into the home. With the last bit of confidence to be able to share her thoughts and feelings, Liesle had completely blossomed into the flower that is her personality. Her personal growth had turned her into a caring, loving young woman with interests and passions. Growing into this personality gave her roots, and these roots could keep her true to herself, no matter what. Even after the awful death of her loved ones, Liesle knew herself better than ever before. Liesle had grown enough to realize that the death of her family would not mean a new beginning, but rather a conflict she would have to surmount. Instead of becoming quiet and shy once again, she could now mourn and continue on with her life, never forgetting the compassion she once felt.
Liesle begins as a shy, troubled young girl
My visual component will be a collage of images of what I think represents Liesle in her different stages of growth.
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