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Coca-Cola Brazil

No description

Carol Cruz

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of Coca-Cola Brazil

Brasil Briefly summarize the major characteristics of the Brazilian soft drink market. Briefly summarize the major Characteristics of the Brazilian soft drink market (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Main Potential customers (level C) Higher prices are sensitive to brand loyalty and Have lower.
Sold in variety of containers, from 200ml to 2.5 VARIED liter. 2 to 2.5 liter disposable bottle had the highest market volume. 2 to 2.5 liter disposable bottle Had the Highest market volume.

High competition-3500 soft drink brands Existed. Rapid penetration of private brands. Rapid penetration of private brands. "Tubainas" soft drinks Offered at much lower-price brands Compared to traditional. High Potential future market, nonalcoholic drinks sales in Brazil Had an impressive growth rate. Per Capital Consumption of soft drinks continued growth. Cola Was The Brazilians' favorite flavor (41.8%), Followed by "guarana" (23.9%) and orange (11.4%)

Small Communities spread THROUGHOUT the country, hard to reach the customer

Local retails are small main channel to sell soft drinks Informal business environment competition landscape of soft drink market (tax advantage)

The main players of Brazil are soft drink Coca-Cola, AMBEV, and Pepsi Perform a SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola Company in Brazil. Perform a SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola Company in Brazil. Strengths Best known international brand in the world.
Reliability in product quality.
Accounts with distribution channels. Opportunities
Projects the growth of the country.
It is projected that inflation will remain low and accountants.
The per-capita consumption for food in developing the country. Weaknesses The price of Coca Cola higher than the competition.
Consumer Loyalty. Threats Powers of sodas such as Pepsi, tubainas.
The Brazilian set has high barriers to entry. x What should I do to Coca-Cola's success in Brazil? The value of selling value The value of being close and connected with consumers The value of the investment The value of growth The pos and cons of the coca cola company in brazil ¿Qué recomendaciones haría usted a las marcas globales para poder competir con éxito What recommendations would you make to global brands to compete successfully Coca Cola smiles steals in Brazil and the Philippines February 2011: With the help of a red truck transporters like the product of the company, undertook a journey by distributing these countries not only soda, but also gifts. Coca-Cola plans to double its sales May 2011: Thanks to "Vision 2020" which includes support for emerging markets, Coke said it expects to double its sales to reach $ 200 billion between now and nine years. Coca-Cola Brazil launches new business format The company's goal is to create, in 2014, about a thousand units of the program in Brazil to meet a total of over 500 000 young people PlantBottle ™ será del 100% vegetal Launched in 2009, PlantBottle ™, now offers up to 30% in the composition of plant origin, is made ​​from plants. Coca Cola builds new plant in Brazil for $ 140 million During the construction that will last about 18 months will generate 800 jobs directly and indirectly.
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