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A Fly and Focused proposal to solving homelessness

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Noelle Lane

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of A Fly and Focused proposal to solving homelessness

A Fly and Focused proposal to solving homelessness

Kay Neal ll, 12
Alyssia Harris, 15
Darian Childress , 14
Akinyele Williams, 15

Leading Factors to why people become homeless
Resources in Greensboro
Women Veterans are 4 times more likely than males to become homeless because when they come home after serving they have a harder time finding a job.

Between 130,000 and 200,00 veterans are homeless in America.

40% of homeless veterans are men.

Women Veterans and those with PTSD and traumatic brain injury are more likely to be experience homelessness
40 percent of people homeless in Guilford is due to unemployment

540 Guilford students are experiencing homelessness (It is actually more)

91 of those 540 are unaccompanied by an adult

The United State Government reports that the leading cause of homelessness among veterans is PTSD. 47 percent served in Vietnam, more recently is Iraq and Afghanistan.
What we know before research:
job layoffs
living paycheck to paycheck
kicked out of housing
insufficient education
black men

Notable interaction
"Actually nice and kind, but we view them as nasty, evil, and mean when they are not in actuality. The one I met was actually funny."

"They were wearing baggy clothes, they were sad, felt nobody was comforting them. There was one who was drinking. One was crying."

The top three reasons for homelessness according to National Coalition for the Homeless are listed as "foreclosure, poverty, and eroding work opportunities."
Interactive Resource Center
The "IRC" has a website and on it we noticed that people were still smiling. The organization seems like they need money.
Greensboro Homelessness Shelters and Services & Services for the Needy
"The word needy sounds better than homeless because they are addressing the person inside."
Greensboro Urban Ministry
"Volunteering is good because it shows that you don't just care about yourself, you care about others."

Has shelter, a food pantry, and clothing to give away.
Time in Count
2,160 are reported in Guilford County to be homeless in January. This is low due to people being hard to find.

Shelter Statistics
62 % male
38 % female
21.8 % under 18
2.8 % over 62
41.6 % white
37% black/African-American
26% of all sheltered persons had severe mental illness
34% of sheltered adults have substance abuse issues
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