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Sleep Well Motel Case Study

No description

Caitlyn Keesler

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Sleep Well Motel Case Study

Sleep Well Motel Case Study

Sleep Well Motel
Fort Morgan, Colorado
17 years old
Located off highway 76
Previously involved in chain- not longer a part of
80 rooms
Cafe two blocks away
Laundromat nearby
In need of repairs and new carpeting
Motel Weaknesses/Problems
Lacks Marketing strategies
Needs renovation
Lacks dependable housekeeping
No demographic available
Lacks trained employees
No promotions
No restaurant/ laundry room
By: Caitlyn Keesler, Allie Jones and Corey Trenk
Create a Marketing Strategy
Conduct a competitive analysis
Research the target market
Create a marketing concept
Utilize social media & word of mouth
Renovate and Rebrand
Create budget for renovations
Cater to modern trends
Re brand to remove confusion from previous chain
Educate Employees/Management
Employees and Management must know the importance of
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Value
Customer Expectations
Hire more employees
Hiring more employees will enhance
Interactive Marketing
Internal Marketing
Organization Image
Service Culture
Establish a Demographic
Conduct research
Provide surveys
Utilize Customer Relationship Management and Touch Points
Customer Equity
Evaluate Customer Values
Determine Target Market and Establish
Human Need
Human Want
Product and Demand
Marketing Concept
Market Mix
Provide Promotions
Promotions will help establish
Product Concept
Production Concept
Value of the Motel
Revenue Management
Hank Bennington current owner, lost wife in car accident and wants to move closer to family
Lost interest in business, ignored problems
Serves as manager/front desk clerk during the day
Has dependable night clerk
Biggest weakness is marketing
Will Shelton
Looking to buy Sleep Well Motel
Currently a Director of Marketing Research
Dissatisfied with job
No experience in running a hotel
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