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Technology in Business

No description

Harrison Kim

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Technology in Business

Application of
Technology Harrison Kim SangYob Lee Peiwen Wang Sam Linder Marina Young Chris Berg Accounting BEPP Entrepreneurship &
Corporate Innovation Finance Information and
Process Management Management Marketing Supply Chain
Management Technology
Management Overview Companies Accounting is used in all businesses
Earnst & Young. Job Titles Auditor
Public Accountant
Managerial Accountant Our concentrations in economic consulting and public policy analysis train students to apply economics to business decisions and analyze the effect of governmental policies on the business environment.
So whether you want to become a consultant, work in financial services, go to law school, work abroad, or shape public policy, the Department of Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) will give you the skills, connections, and the knowledge to make it happen. (According to Kelley Website) Overview Job Titles Economic Consulting
Investment Banking Firms
Market Research Firms Economic Consultant The life of an economic consultant consist of working within a firm, or in a large company, advising the company using ones economic expertise. This career would use application of technology for example by using programs to compile statistics about a company and make economic decisions off the information found. Companies Arthur D. Little Overview Job Titles Companies Technical Analyst Project Manager
Owner of a UITs-like Business
Senior Director of Corporate Stragety
Technical Analyst for the Stock Market While normal analysts examine earnings, dividends, new products, etc., technicians use many techniques to better analyze the data and the coming trends. An example of this is the use of charts. With a degree in Corporate Innovation and a passion for technology, a person can go
from the medium of income of $57,000 to $74,000; and the best part is that you only need your undergrad. Although you would be working 40 to 60 hours a week, the rewards are great. Working with teams on a day to day basis, flying around the world presenting new financial plans for investments, and the opportunity for a lot of money down the road, as the jobs leads very nicely into the position of Chief Innovation Officer which makes a medium of about
$115,000. Overview Job Titles Financial Analyst
Financial Planner
Financial Consultant Financial Consultant A financial planner or consultant has a wide variety of job opportunities. You can find work in a specific company giving that company financial advice, or you can work for a specific financial advisor like Edward Jones. Financial advisors are used in many different industries such as banking and consulting.
A financial consultant needs to be able to use computers and programs such as Excel or Access. These programs are invaluable tools to a financial consultant. The financial consultant will need to be able to analyze and navigate these databases, so they can gather the appropriate data they need. They will utilize data in these databases to give financial advice, which can range from a business purchase to high-risk investments. They will also need to be able to utilize technology such as email to communicate effectively. Computer programs are a huge aspect of this job. They must use them not just for the analyzing and gathering, but additionally for using this information to predict the least risky investment or most profitable investment mathematically. Overview Job Titles Job Titles Chief financial officer of Instituto del Progreso Latino Accounting is a very diverse job. Accounting is used in every single company and industry in some form. A typical public accountant will need a great understanding of technology. Public accountants perform a wide variety of jobs, which include analyzing financial data, working on tax records, or consulting on accounting services. In these day-to-day activities accountants utilize computers, phones, and faxes/scanners. Accountants utilize programs such as Access and Excel on computers, or other similar programs, to organize, record, and analyze financial data. Whether the accountant is just inputting data into these programs, or going through and checking them for accuracy, accountants need an understanding of technology and its systems in order to analyze, organize, and record a businesses financial data effectively. Accountant Companies Edward Jones Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving an effectiveness of organization's workflow and adaptability to a continuously-changing environment. Information management (IM) is the collection and management of information from multiple sources and the distribution of that information to multiple audiences. The word ‘Information and Process Management’ is a blend of computer information systems and business process management. In this major, Students will be taught how to use technology effectively and be acknowledged about the integrated flow of materials and paper work in manufacturing and service operations. The field graduates students who can "connect" between people, technology, systems, and business practices. (Kelley School of Business, 2013)

Ernst & Young is a firm that provides various financial advices to its customer in worldwide. With the information
and process management major, research assistant in Technology advisory services is most promising position as Ernst & Young’s Technology advisory services deals with assurance, tax and transaction, which are related with current technology issues. Ernst & Young concerns its employee’s welfare and they provide many services, such as, Adoption assistance and College Coach. Ernst & Young LLP ranks among the top 10 companies for working mothers for 7th straight year.

The Working Mother 100 Best Companies survey honors Ernst & Young for their flexible culture as well as their wide array of progressive workplace programs supporting child care, flexibility, women’s advancement and paid family leave. This is the 27th year Working Mother has recognized organizations for their initiatives. (Dorn, 2012) Research assistant / Ernst & Young Companies Information Technology Management
IT Advisor
Research Assistant General Electric
Ernst & Young This major will prepare you for success in
a number of exciting careers, including consulting, corporate information technology, supply chain management, operations management, and business analysis.
There are Options including designing/managing the technical operations of a complex, computer-controlled manufacturing firm; providing technical support for large-scale retailers and/or distributors; designing/managing technology that supports investment portfolios; and banking. (Kelley School of Business, 2013) Overview Job Titles Companies Management means the art for supervisors to make groups of people to accomplish the goal of organization. This art is composed with many skills related with how to maintain or improve the organization’s structure and workers inside to accomplish supervisor’s or entrepreneur’s goal. This could be used in every kind of organizations, from small hospital to the White House [or just huge governmental office]. As many helpful technologies, such as email and Excel, are emerging, Management is accepting the technologies rapidly. This major will prepare you for success in a number of exciting careers, including consulting, corporate information technology, supply chain management, operations management, and business analysis.
There are Options including designing/managing the technical operations of a complex, computer-controlled manufacturing firm; providing technical support for large-scale retailers and/or distributors; designing/managing technology that supports investment portfolios; and banking. Additional options include systems analysts, systems programmers, systems designers, database administrators, data analysts, and managers of information systems. (Kelley School of Business, 2013) Territory Sales Manager
Human resource Associate Manager
Director: Emerging Markets-Oncology Research and Development Procter & Gamble
Eli Lilly & Co.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson Sales Manager Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer which is founded in 1886. There are many jobs available with management major and they are mostly the jobs that directing many global branches of Johnson and Johnson. You would be going to direct your branch with your management and human resource skills. If you are devoted to work and looking for the job that has good security, as Johnson and Johnson has strong security but bring the challenges to their workers Overview Marketing is one of the most popular majors for Kelley undergraduates. You’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, and within marketing, you can concentrate in specific areas of study related to your career choices. We also offer a marketing minor for non–business students.
A marketing education will prepare you for a number of career paths, including brand management, sales consulting, sales management, corporate retail, marketing research, and advertising. Learn more about Kelley marketing careers. Job Titles Companies Sales Manager
Business Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Analyst description Deloitte Consulting
General Mills, Inc
JP Morgan Chase Co. A marketing analyst analyzes the reach of the organization's marketing campaigns. He is responsible to gauge if a certain campaign has been successful or not, and create reports accordingly. Marketing Analyst Overview Supply chain management is all about how to deliver the product to the right place, in the right time, to the right person with an efficient way. The key factor for a career in this field is a relatively high interest in Application of Technology comparing with other Business Core Interests, which is exactly my top interest. I would like to choose this major, because I think I will benefit from applying on new technology and learning new stuff during my daily work. Companies Logistics Coordinator
Materials Manager
Chief financial officer
Corporate Account Manager RGP
Deloitte, Western Freightways The CFO reports directly to the President/CEO, leads all finance and accounting activities. Their main job is to ensure timely delivery of financial and statistical reports for management use.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

 Create plan in collaboration with Board’s Development Committee and Staff. Implement short- and long-term fundraising strategies that generate general operating, program, and capital campaign support.
 Serve as staff liaison to the Board’s Development Committee. Work with Development Committee Chair on Board giving expectations.
 Work with Board Members and volunteers on individual fundraising for the organization.
 Manage foundation, corporate, individual, and prospect relationships.
 Analyze effectiveness of development efforts and make improvements accordingly
 Lead effective utilization of data and system tools database system.
 Oversee development of all Instituto publications, including annual report, website, e-newsletter, media kit, brochures, and social networking profiles. Overview Job Titles Deloitte
JP Morgan Chase
GE This major is ideal for people that want to make their business or help restore and renovate an already existing one. People with this major are the driving force for innovation, or change, in a company. This major makes it to where it is possible to work almost anywhere. The accounting major is designed to help students accurately create financial statements Additionally, the accounting major is designed so that students can pass the CPA exam. Lastly, not only does the accounting major teach the technicalities and fundamentals of accounting but also the managerial skills that accounting demands as well. Finance is the study of the creation and management of money and wealth. Students who major in finance will learn to evaluate and control risk as well. Career opportunities for finance majors can range from investment banking and stock brokering to financial and credit analysts. Finance majors can use technology to create financial models and more. Finance requires application of technology to use programs to create these financial models and to record data. Technology Management is a co major designed to help students come up with business solutions via integration of technology. It helps students with their primary major so that technology can help to create a more efficient and effective process. Business analysts
Systems analysts
Database designers/administrators Companies McKinsey & Company
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Accenture Deloitte Consultant A Deloitte Consultant has a very fast paced and high responsibility job. Because technology consultants offer technological solutions to other companies, they are required to travel and stay in hotels many times. They have strict deadline set by the partners and managers. While the workload is rigorous, the payoff is great
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