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UK Pre-Departure Prezi

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Zach Tobin

on 15 November 2018

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Transcript of UK Pre-Departure Prezi

Pre-Departure Orientation

Cultural Considerations
Academics in the UK
Personal Appearance
Gender / LGBT
Note to the ladies - catcalling
Metric system
Looks can be deceiving! There are a lot of cultural differences between the US and the UK!
The UK has become a culturally diverse melting pot
In general, the English are more reserved at first
Americans can come on a little strong with over-friendliness
Be aware of current political and social issues in the UK
Watch the news! BBC App will be your best friend
Know your own country as well! You will get LOTS of questions
Language Differences
"Modules" = Classes
"Courses" = Majors
"Marks" = Grades
"Revision" = Studying
UK degrees are 3 years
Very subject-focused with little crossover - if your major is Bio, that's all you study
Learning is independent and self-directed
Less reliance on instructor
No "busywork" or "participation" grades
Your grade will most likely be 50% exam and 50% essay or 100% exam
Shorter lectures and larger expectation of studying out of class
Grades start at 0 and go up rather than starting at 100 and going down
Grade Conversions
65-100 = A
50-64 = B
40-49 = C
0-39 = F
*Most UK programs
Transferring Academics back to NAU
I will enroll you in 15 credits of CIE299 placeholder credits
Request to have your transcript sent to ME at the end of your term
Keep working on your class equivalency approvals
Credit Equivalency Form
Liberal Studies and General Electives = approved by me, everything else = approved by your academic advisor
Pass/Fail -- you can request ONE class for pass/fail credit within 30 days of the start of the term under the following conditions:
The class abroad is only offered as Pass/Fail; or
The NAU equivalent is only offered as Pass/Fail; or
The student earns General Elective credit for the class
Watch the "what do I have to do to get an A" tone
UK students are more concerned with learning and less worried about grades
Profs not as available for office hours / meetings
Classes will have two sections: lecture and tutorial
You will enroll in classes once you get there
Term differences: autumn (fall) is Sept-Dec, spring is Jan-May/June
They tend to have more bank holidays than us
Easter Break
Class attendance is usually not mandatory
Get it done!
Make sure it's valid for 6 months after end of program
Do I need a visa?
Going for one semester?
You will need a
Short Term Student Visa
Get it upon arrival
Documents needed:
Free page in passport
Bank/financial aid statement
Evidence of accommodation
Admission letter
Keep docs w/ you every trip you take! You will get a new visa every time you leave and come back!

Going for a full academic year?

You will need a
Tier 4 Student Visa
WAIT til you get admission letter
Biometrics in Phoenix
Free page in passport
2 passport sized photos
Bank/financial aid statement
Roughly $650 USD
Can begin process 3 months before the start of your term - usually get approval in about a month
All forms of payment available
Let your bank know you are traveling
Check on international transaction fees
£1 = $1.40 as of 4/24/2018
International travel card
Account with UK bank
Flying into London
Flying into regional airport (Birmingham, Leeds, etc.)
Might find cheaper Europe + connection
EX: Fly to Amsterdam and then to London
Don't fly into Ireland or Germany for connecting flights -- immigration issues will ensue
Train and bus systems in the UK are
MUCH cheaper the earlier you buy your ticket
Consider buses/trains/ferries rather than flying
Drinking age is 18
Pubs / clubs on campus are common
Use the buddy system
Work hard, party hard
You don't have to drink to have fun/fit in!
“You’ve pushed yourself to get where you are.
Now push yourself a little more.”
UK Quiz!
1. What is the UK's population?
2. What nations are included in the UK (and what are they)?
3. Who is the current monarch?
4. Who is the current prime minister?
1. 64 million
2. Four: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
3. Queen Elizabeth II
4. PM Theresa May
Round to the nearest pound in cabs
A pound or two at hotels or for takeout
Uncommon in sit-down restaurants
10-15% at a nice resturaunt
Tube is a great travel option (bigger cities)
Streets and sidewalks very busy
Stand on the right, walk on the left
Travel around

Ryan Air
Easy Jet
Hostel World
Hostel Booker
Bring your student ID card!
Read reviews!
Start booking your flight once you've been accepted
You will be told by host university when to arrive - look for airport pickup!
Host university orientation is MANDATORY - class enrollments!
Enroll in STEP https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/go/step.html
8 hour time difference
10 hour flight from LA to London
Go to bed at bedtime in your new location
Eat meals at mealtime in your new location
Cannot work with a SVV, can work with a Tier 4
MUST be full time while in-country
Host university will provide confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) number to full-year students ONLY - save that for visa
You may be asked to verify if you speak English - if you're a US citizen you don't have to, if you're a citizen of another country consult your consulate
Other Stuff
Get adapters for both UK and Europe
Type G in UK, Types C, E, & F in Europe
Check your NAU email! Legally I can only contact you at your NAU email!
Tell someone your travel plans
Join the Facebook page
Join a club/sport on campus!
Consider purchasing personal/travelers insurance
Always carry cash/spare change -- public bathrooms usually cost $$
Apply AS SOON as you're accepted!
Payments made to host university
Check conversion rate
No meal plan - kitchen in flat
2-15 flatmates
Still have RAs, not as present
Can choose to live off campus if you wish
Cell phones
New SIM card
Can make phone calls too!
Facebook Messenger
WiFi pretty common, but usually costs $$$
Packing & Weather
Bring less than you think you need - you'll go shopping!
Leave the hair dryer at home
Buy dishes / bed linen when you get there
Rainboots, waterproof coat, & umbrella
Be aware of what is not allowed -- ex. mace on your keys
Bring small carry-on piece / backpack for weekend trips
“You get out of this experience what you put into it and you put into it what you can, which means what you want.”
Use the buddy system!
If you take any RX meds, keep taking them abroad
Know how to use your health insurance
Avoid political demonstrations
CDC health information
US DoS safety information
Homesickness is a real thing!
Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing!
If anything happens, LET ME KNOW!
Health & Safety
Returning Home
Apply for housing in Flagstaff
Enroll in classes at NAU
Turn your US cell phone on
Let your US bank/insurance providers know you're back
Come to Coffee Hour!
Email Etiquette

Include a greeting in EVERY message (Dear...)
Call people by their title (Dr., Professor, etc)
Expect a response within 72 business hours
Do not double-email if you do not receive a response right away
Text speak (U 2, thx) or emojis are not appropriate in ANY academic email
Include your full name and student ID in every email
Email etiquette more strict and more professional
People WILL and DO notice how you write your emails!
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