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5.01 Evolution Assessment

Biology segment 2 module 5 lesson 1

Alison Berglund

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of 5.01 Evolution Assessment

Herbert Spencer was born April 27, 1820 in Derby, England. He has a Victorian biologist and philosopher at the height of British industrialism. His theory of evolution The Developmental Hypothesis actually preceded Charles Darwin's Origin of Species by 7 years. His theory was not taken into serious consideration mostly because of a lack of an effective theoretical system for natural selection. Although, it was Spencer and not Darwin who first popularized the term "Evolution". Also, few people outside the field realize that the often used phrase "survival of the fittest" was actually coined by Spencer! His evolutionary stance led to his most famous idea, "Social Darwinism." It influenced early evolutionary economists all over the world. His cause of death was never recorded but we do know that he died on December 8, 1903. What does Evolution mean? Evolution: The process where species of different organisms that come from earlier forms of life and change through out time because of natural selection. Evolution Assessment 05.01 Biology Alison Berglund Stephen Gould died on May 20, 2002 in Manhattan, New York. Stephen Gould was born on September 10th, 1941 in New York City. Stephen Gould When Gould's father took Stephen to a Dinosaur Exhibit in the American Museum of Natural History Stephen knew right then he wanted to be a Paleontologist. When Stephen became older he turned out to be an Evolutionary Biologist, a Paleontologist, and Historian of Science. Gould's most important contribution to science was the theory of punctuated equilibrium. This theory says most evolution is noted by long periods of evolutionary life. The theory was so different that most people thought that the change in evolution is recorded. Ernst Mayr was born in Kepmton Germany on July 5th,1904. Ernst Mayr Herbert Spencer Herbert Spencer was born April 27th, 1820 in Derby, England. Ernst Mayr died on February 3rd, 2005 in Bedford Massachusetts. His important contributions are his theory of peripatric speciation. Based on his work on birds, is still considered a leading idea of speciation. Spencer died Decemer 8th 1903 in Brington England As both an adolescent and a young man Spencer found it difficult to settle to any intellectual or professional discipline. Despite Spencer's early struggles to establish himself as a writer, by the 1870s he had become the most famous philosopher of the age. Ernst played a central role in the species problem debate over what was the best species concept. He defended the biological species concept against the definitions of organisms that others proposed. Sewall Wright Born on December 21th, 1889 in Melrose, Massachusetts Wright's greatest achievements were in his population in genetics, Evolutionary theory, path analysis, animal and plant breeding. Wright died March 3rd, 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin He is the discoverer of the inbreeding coefficient and of methods of computing it in pedigrees.
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