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Last Summer with Maizon

No description

Erica Mattiuz

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Last Summer with Maizon

Last Summer
with Maizon daydreaming desolate express previous relieve stoop thinking in a dreamy way, often about
things one wishes would come true having few or no inhabitants; deserted to put into words; to communicate occurring before something else in time or order to aid; to help a small porch or staircase leading
to the entrance of a house or building absently visions beckoned inching frantically somberly exaggerated eavesdropping as if lost in thought in a way that is excited because of fear or anxiety signaled to come made bigger or more important than it actually was listening to other people talking without their knowing in a serious way mental pictures moving very slowly uncertain not sure illegible not able to be read cuticles the hard skin around the sides and base of fingernails created by Ms. Mattiuz LMS
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