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ethan beharry

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of ROSE POGONIAS

figurative language
for my poem i thought that the theme was save beauty when you have it. throughout the poem i thought that the author was talking about beauty. the reason for this is the author was talking about flowers and the setting is in a meadow. to me that shows beauty. the couple of lines that helped me realize this in particular are this "and obtain such grace in hours, that none should mow the grass their.
word choice
the word choice in the poem was vivid. the author used so many descriptive words that i could paint a picture in my head of what i was reading. the author words like beauty and the words flower and orchises(a plant) makes me think of beauty. the words that the author used helped me find put the theme. i think that the author chose these words to show the meaning of the poem.
so in conclusion the poem that i decided to analyze was a great poem in my view. and if you ever read it i think you will enjoy it.
ROSE POGONIAS by Robert Frost
A saturated meadow, sun-shaped and jewel-small
A circle scarcely wider, than the trees around were tall
where winds were quiet excluded, and the air was stifling sweet
with the breath of many flowers, a temple of heat

there we bowed us in the burning, as the suns right worship is
to pick where none could notice them, a thousand orchises
for though the grass was scattered, yet every second spear.
seemed tipped with wings of color, that tinged the atmosphere

we raised a simple prayer, before we left the spot
that in the general mowing, that place might be forgot
or if not all so favored, obtained such grace of hours
that if none should mow the grass their, while so confused with flowers

the figurative language was hard to find. there was only one figurative language that i could see. the figurative language that i found was a personification. the line was the breath of many flowers. the reason that this is a personification is because flowers don't breathe. i think that the author uses this to show that the flowers are in motion. the line also give me a sense of where the poem takes place.
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