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No description

Allison Jacobs

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Spiders

Spiders Catching Prey Some spiders spin webs or silk, which they use to catch flying prey. ...while oher spiders pounce on their prey. Good Eatin' Spiders do not have jaws for chewing. They must liquefy their food to eat it. They first capture their prey... then, paralyze it by venomizing the unfortunate organism. Yes, certain spiders to have the strength to paralyze a human. For the sake of your sanity, NEVER Google Image "Spider Bite." I can't breathe. I thought that was pretty cool. I Google Imaged "Smiling Spider." Oh, Silky. Despite whether spiders spin webs,
all spiders produce silk. Believe it or not,
but spider silk is actually stronger then steel. Spiders spin silk into webs, cocoons for eggs, and wrappings for prey. Spinnerets are organs in the spider that contain the silk glands.
A banana spider eats the cockroaches that live on bananas. To eat his food , a spider stuns the prey with his fangs, shoots it with juice that turns the prey into pulp, and sucks the insides out. Spiders do not have good eyes, instead they use vibrations to sense the surface of their web. Sun Spider The largest spider is the giant bird eating spider. It was found in 1965 and its leg was measured more than 11inches long. Most common spiders in Indiana:
-Wolf spiders
-Jumping spiders
-Daddy long-legs Wolf spider Jumping spider Daddy long-legs The fear of spiders:
Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia Phylum Arthropoda consists of animals with exoskeleton. Spiders reproduce sexually. Males Spiders reproduce sexually by spinning sperm webs. It is internal fertilization but indirect. Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. All spiders make silk.
Spiders only consume liquids. Ta-Da!
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