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New Hire Orientation

No description

Lori Osano

on 2 March 2018

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Transcript of New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation
Vision Statement
Leading the improvement of health by advancing oral health.
Core Values
— dignity, integrity and responsibility
Innovation — willingness to take calculated risk
Leadership — modeling, inspiring and mobilizing
Reflection — using facts and outcomes for continuous improvement
Stewardship — responsible use and management of resources
Collaboration — partnering for the common good
Philanthropy — investing time, talent and assets
University of the Pacific, Main Campus (Stockton)
McGeorge School of Law (Sacramento)
The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, located in San Francisco’s South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood, is part of the University of the Pacific. The University campus is in Stockton, California, and its McGeorge School of Law is located in Sacramento near the State Capitol.

Dental students and residents serve a diverse population of patients during clinical rotations at sites in San Francisco, Union City and Stockton, in addition to several extramural sites and outreach programs throughout Northern California.
Orientation Overview
Table of Contents
I. Benefits
II. University Policies
III. Payroll
IV. Union Contract/Staff Handbook
V. Miscellaneous
VI. Time with Departments
a. University Ombudsperson
b. Public Safety
c. Information Technology
d. Environmental Health & Safety
e. Building Operations
I. Benefits
Pacific Medical Plan, Exclusive Provider Option (EPO)
Uses Anthem networks
$20 co-payment
$100 co-payment for Emergency Room (waived if admitted to hospital)
$100 co-payment for hospital admission, then 100% inpatient and outpatient hospitalization
Chiropractic care ($10 co-payment, 30 visits per year)
Annual co-pay maximums: Individual, $1500; Two Party, $1000; Family, $4500
Pacific Medical Plan, Preferred Provider Option (PPO)
Kaiser Permanente Health Plan (HMO)
$20 co-payment
$100 co-payment for Emergency Room (waived if admitted to hospital)
$100 co-payment for hospital admission, then 100% inpatient and outpatient hospitalization
Chiropractic care ($15 co-payment, 30 visits per year).
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Automatically enrolled when covered under any of Pacific’s medical plans

No additional premium

No ID cards necessary; provider's office will verify coverage directly through VSP

Positions scheduled at 20 hours per week or more for a period of at least 9 months

Appointment of 2.5 days per week or greater
Effective Dates
Medical, Dental, Basic Life Insurance, Vision, Flex, and Long Term Disability:
First day of the month following the date of hire
Must enroll within 31 days of date of hire

Retirement Plan, if employee has reached age 21:
Commences after 12 months of eligible employment
Credit for prior employment in an educational institution
Coverage Types
Employee Only
Employee Plus One (dependent; spouse or registered domestic partner)
Employee Plus Family (dependents greater than one)
Delta Dental Passive PPO
Delta Care HMO
Yearly deductible of $50 per person per year to maximum of $150 per family

100% Preventative (no deductible)
90% Basic Services
60% Major Services (includes Implants)
$2,000 limit per person per year

Orthodontic coverage at 50% to $2,000 lifetime maximum. Orthodontic coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following 6 months.
No premium, annual deductible or annual dollar maximums

You must select a provider from a list of network facilities and you must visit this dentist to receive benefits.
Specialist referrals must come from primary provider

Out-of-area coverage limited to emergency care
2016 Employee/Employer Contribution Per Pay Period
I. Benefits, continued
Employee Assistance Plan: ComPsych Guidance Resources
Confidential outpatient counseling which includes financial, legal and personal issues

Provides private and confidential counseling to employees and their household members; daytime and evening appointments; licensed, professional counselors

Benefit provided at no cost to employee. Call 1-877-595-5281 for referral

Life Insurance (Sun Life Financial)
Basic Life & Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Eligible full-time and part-time employees receive at no cost, life and accidental death and dismemberment is provided at one times the employee’s annual base salary.

Additional benefits through Sun Life Financial:
Emergency Travel Assistance
Identity Theft Protection
Supplemental Life Insurance
Employees may purchase supplemental life and AD&D coverage for themselves and eligible family members.

Guaranteed issue amount for newly eligible employees is one (1) times annual salary, spouse/domestic partner is $20,000 and child(ren) is $10,000.
Flexible Benefit Plans - Delta Health Systems
Health Care Flexible Spending Account
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
Transportation Management Program
Up to $2,550 of pre-tax dollars may be set aside annually to lower tax liability. Eligible unreimbursed expenses may be submitted to receive “tax free” dollars, thereby resulting in tax savings to the employee. The Flex Debit Card ("Benny" card) is available which allows you to directly pay for services.
Up to $5,000 of pre-tax dollars ($2,500 if married and filing a separate income tax return) may be set aside annually to lower tax liability. Eligible unreimbursed expenses may be submitted to receive “tax free” dollars, thereby resulting in tax savings to the employee. The Flex Debit Card ("Benny" card) is available which allows you to directly pay for services.
Participation in the Transportation Management Program allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified parking expenses, transit passes or vanpooling expenses. The Flex Debit Card ("Benny" card) is available which allows you to directly pay for services.
2016 maximums
: Transit - $130/month; Parking - $255/month)
Remember, if enrolling anytime after January 1 of the plan year, eligible expenses will be from the date of participation.

Additionally, midyear changes can only be made for health care & dependent care accounts if there is a Qualifying Life Event and HR must receive your enrollment/change form within 31 days of the event. However, parking and transit accounts can be changed throughout the year.
Retirement Plans: TIAA-CREF Investments
Group Retirement Annuity Plan (GRA)
If you are an eligible employee, age 21 or older, and have a minimum of one (1) year of service, you are eligible to participate beginning on the first day of the month following the date you meet the eligibility conditions.

Service with another institution of higher education may count toward the one year service requirement. Participation requires you to contribute 5% of your eligible earnings to TIAA-CREF funds of your choice. The University contributes 10% of eligible earnings. All contributions, Employee and Employer, are tax-deferred and immediately 100% vested.
Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan (GSRA)
The University provides voluntary tax-deferred annuities through TIAA-CREF. Regardless of age or years of service, all non-student employees are eligible to elect to participate in the GSRA. Employees may contribute up to the yearly IRS maximum
(2016 maximums: $18,000 annually if under age 50; $24,000 if over age 50)
To view investment options or other plan information, please visit http://www.tiaa-cref.org/pacific

Pacific’s TIAA-CREF representative is available monthly to provide retirement planning and investment information for employees. On-campus appointments can be scheduled by calling 1.800.732.8353.
Dental Plans
Prescription Drug Coverage:
$15 - Generic items
$25 - Brand-name items (formulary)
$45 - Brand-name items (non-formulary)
Prescription Drug Coverage:
$10 for up to a 100-day supply - Generic items
$30 for up to a 100-day supply - Brand-name items
Disability Insurance:
Pacific automatically enrolls all eligible employees in their Voluntary Short Term Disability Plan, which offers you a greater benefit than the mandatory State plan at the same cost. The benefit, after seven days of disability or upon hospitalization, is paid in conjunction with sick leave or vacation pay. Payable for a maximum of 52 weeks.

The cost for 2016 is 0.9% of first $106,742 of earnings.
This cost also covers the Paid Family Leave Insurance.
Voluntary Short-Term Disability Insurance (VSDI)
VSDI/Paid Family Leave Insurance (PFLI)
California law requires employees to participate in a disability and Paid Family Leave Insurance and pay the cost.

PFLI provides disability income (up to six weeks within any 12-month period) to employees who need to take time off from work to care for their seriously ill child(ren), spouse, parent, or to bond with a new child. The waiting period consists of a required use of up to 7 days of vacation before benefits are received.
II. University Policies
III. Payroll
Payday Notice
Regular paydays for all employees will be on a semi-monthly basis. The pay period and payday are as follows:
Pay Period
Pay Date
1st - 15th
16th - last day of month
10th of the month
26th of the month
If the 10th or the 26th falls on a holiday or weekend, the payday will be the business day immediately preceding payday.
Timesheets are for non-exempt employees and
are due in the middle and end of each month for the proceeding payperiod.
For assistance with using the timesheet, please consult the Timesheet Guide found on the Human Resources website:

Time Records
Time Records are for all exempt employees
and are due at the end of each month.
Payroll Schedule
This schedule will list the beginning and end dates of each pay period, as well as timesheet due dates and pay dates.
Direct Deposit Form
Available for payroll and expense
Leave Time Form
The Leave Time Form is used to request time away from work.
IV. Union Contract
Office & Professional Employees International Union
Local No. 29, AFL-CIO
Union Contract Highlights:
12 Medical/Dental Hours available per year

Personal holiday (7.5 hours)

Union Dues are $24.25 per pay period/$48.50 per month

Initiation fee can be paid to the union in one payment or by incremental payments through payroll deduction

Copy of the contract can be found on the school's website: http://dental.pacific.edu/Human_Resources/Employee_Resources/Policies_and_Procedures.html
IV. Staff Handbook
Handbook can be found on the school’s website:

Outlines policies and programs provided through the University

Note: Return acknowledgment form to HR
V. Miscellaneous
Find forms

Reserve conference rooms

Request IT assistance

Academic, Event, Payroll Calendars

Access Stockton and Sacramento campus websites

Access e-mail and files when you're away from the office

Access InsidePacific
Training and development opportunities

San Francisco Federal Credit Union membership
Banner access (if applicable)
ProCard (if applicable)
Forms to be turned in upon completion:
Orientation Checklist
Union Membership Form (if applicable)
Handbook Acknowledgment Form (if applicable)
Names to Know
Dr. Nader Nadershahi

Dean Emeritus
Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni
If your current cell phone provider is AT&T, you may eligible for a discount on your service contract.  Click on the link below and enter your dental school e-mail address.  If you are eligible, your discount should show on your statement in 1-2 months.

You may be eligible for discounts through Verizon Wireless, Click on the below link for verification and available discounts.
VII. Training Videos
2016/2017 Holiday Schedule
Uses Anthem networks

Plan pays for physician visit with:
In-network: 20% coinsurance
Out-of-network: 30% coinsurance

$300 individual deductible/$900 maximum per family (copays are not included in deductible)

Out-of-Pocket maximums:
In-network: $1500 individual/$4500 per family
Out-of-network: $4500 individual/$9000 per family
Phone Tutorial
Pacific Medical Plan, High Deductible PPO with Health Savings Account (PPO-HD)
Kaiser Permanente High Deductible Plan with Health Savings Account
Roth Option
The Roth option is an after-tax contribution. Employees will not receive an immediate tax deduction but money is kept in the plan for 5 years before making a withdrawal upon death, disability or after age 59 1/2, then there is no tax on any amount received.
VI. Time with Departments
Training videos can be accessed on Sakai: https://pacific.anisakai.com/xsl-portal

Uses Anthem networks

Deductible for in-network/out-of-network:
$2500 individual/$5000 per family
Must pay all costs up to deductible amount before plan begins to pay for covered services

Plan pays for physician visit with:
In-network: 20% coinsurance
Out-of-network: 30% coinsurance

Out-of-Pocket maximums for in-network/out-of-network:
$5000 individual/$10,000 per family
Health Savings Account (HSA) included with plan - information covered in separate slide
Health Savings Account (HSA)
$2600 individual deductible/$5200 family deductible
Must pay all costs up to deductible amount before plan begins to pay for covered services

20% coinsurance per visit (primary care)

Health Savings Account (HSA) included with plan - information covered in separate slide
Prescription Drug Coverage:
$10 per prescription for up to a 100-day supply - Generic items
$30 per prescription for up to a 100-day supply - Brand-name items
Included with High Deductible plans only
Cannot participate in health care flexible spending account and HSA
Link to overview of HSA:

Benefits Enrollment Process
Call the Benefits Enrollment Center
within 31 days of your hire date

Phone number:
School website:
Environmental Health & Safety
Ernesto Lara (Specialist) - Presentation
Information Technology
Curtis Low (System Administrator) - Presentation
Building Operations
Andrew Malimban (Manager) - Presentation
Department Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday - 7am-10pm
Saturday - 8am-10pm
Sunday - 9am-6pm

Department Contact Phone Number
415-929-6470 (extension x56470)

Members of the Team
Urgent request
Work Orders via Schooldude
Loading Dock and Alley policy
Event support, EMS use, and Academic Calendar
Department Storage Room
Fire Extinguishers/Exit Signs
Emergency evacuation (fire and smoke)
Utilities and Mechanical Equipment
Building Operations provides support for the following maintenance services:
dental equipment (simulation lab, clinical labs, clinic)
HVAC (heating/air conditioning)
event support
mail services (shipping/receiving)
Student/Staff support services (lockers, lab keys, workstation keys, etc.)
Berry Coleman (Sergeant) - Presentation

Tour of building
Public Safety
University Ombudsperson
Changing or Adding Coverage

Hector Escalante (Ombudsperson) - Presentation
Pacific Medical Plan, Preferred Provider Option High-Deductible w/ HSA (PPO-HD)

Long-Term Disability (LTD)
This is a mandatory plan and coverage for eligible full-time and part-time employees becomes effective the first day of the month following the date of employment. However, if employment starts the first working day of the month, that will become the effective date. The plan provides a benefit equivalent to 60% of regular monthly base salary, not to exceed $6,000 per month.
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