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To Kill a Mocking Bird

No description

Raina Bradshaw

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of To Kill a Mocking Bird

What are the men talking about as the children listen from the window? What can the reader infer from the conversation? For example, what makes Heck Tate "uneasy"?
According to Scout, Atticus does "something that interest[s]" her and Jem. What is it? hat other surprising thing does he do, and why does this suggest to Jem that something is wrong?
After suppertime Jem and Scout were settling down in the living room when Atticus came in carrying a long electrical extension cord with a light bulb on the end. Atticus told Scout that he was going out for awhile and got in the car and left which was peculiar because "[Atticus] liked to walk... he walked to and from his office four times a day" pg 198.
Jem is worried about Atticus' conversation earlier and decides to look for him that night and Scout and Dill decide to join him.
The kids find Atticus' car parked in front of the bank but find Atticus reading by the jails front door.
The reason for the men's arrival at the jail is not directly stated. Taking into account what they say and their behaviour, why have they come to the jail?
The concept of protection plays a major role in chapter 15, as several characters are involved in the act of defending or safeguarding one another. Who protects who and how do they do it?
-The concept of protection has a main point and a sub point, Tom being the main, Calpurnia being the sub point.
-Atticus has staged himself at the jail where he plans to assist Tom in his safety, while Mr. Underwood is secretly aiding Atticus. When a small mob appears directed towards Tom, Atticus protects Tom, Mr. Underwood safeguards Atticus, and in the end Scout saves the day by persuading themob to leave in a very sweet manor, small talk with Mr. Cunnigham.
-In sub plot, Aunt Alexandra wishes to rid of Calpurnia, but Atticus protects her.
To Kill A Mocking Bird
Chapters 15-17
How does Mr.Ewell act when he first takes the stand, and how does Judge Taylor react to him?
Why does Atticus want Mr.Ewell to write his name?
"There were delicious smells about: chicken, bacon frying as crisp as the twilight air. Jem and I detected squirrel cooking, but it took an old countryman like Atticus to identify possum and rabbit."
When Jem Scout and Dill and out looking for Atticus and about to leave four dusty cars park in front of the jail where they found Atticus reading. Atticus seemed to be expecting them because Mr Underwood had been there hiding with a gun the whole time.
The men seemed to be looking for someone, one of them asked if "he" was in the jail probably meaning Tom Robinson.
When Scout realizes how dangerous the situation is she runs to Atticus, who is very shocked and his face was filled with plain fear. Atticus repeatedly tells them all to go home and Scout realizes that these men were strangers except for one man that she recognized, Mr Cunningham. When the children refuse to go back home the other men decide to leave instead.
When they are finally gone Tom Robinson and Mr Underwood come out from the jail and Atticus tells Tom that "they wont bother [him] anymore" pg 207.
One night Jem and Scout overhear Atticus talking to Mr Heck Tate and Mr Link Deas about the Tom Robinson case.
Atticus seems to want Heck Tate to help Tom Robinson for one night but Mr Tate seems uneasy about it. Mr Heck Tate warns Atticus "You've got everything to lose from this" pg 195. He suggests "moving him to county jail" instead chp 15 pg 194.
Atticus tries to assure Mr Tate that he has nothing to worry about.
Jem is worried that the men might be after Atticus or apart of a gang.
What surprising fact does Atticus reveal about Mr. Underwood at the breakfast table? What previously mentioned theme is emphasized by this information?
-Whilst eating at the table, Atticus reveals that Mr. Underwood actually despises Negros, and apparently always has too.
-This brings a little bit of shock, as he was helping Atticus defend Tom, a black man. This could either show a bond between him and Atticus, which is most likely, or he is beginning to change his attitude towards the matter.
What is the mood of the courthouse square on the first day of the trial? What, if anything, do you find disturbing about it?
-When Jem and Scout arrive at the courthouse square, it seems oddly quiet. People are picnicking,
the children are playing. Very collected. Some people are throwing hate towards Atticus for
to help Tom. I feel as if people are there to see what will happen to Tom, not who will win
-I find how serene this environment to be a little off-putting, especially among the black folk. You would think they would be a little more angry in this circumstance, yet they are in a group having lunch as well.
"the back of his neck reddening...we saw that his face was as red as his neck"

Mr.Ewell was using disrespectful language
"the back of his neck reddening...we saw that his face was as red as his neck"

Mr.Ewell was using disrespectful language, and was asked by Judge Taylor to "keep your testimony within the confines of the christian English language.
To show the jury that Mr.Ewell is left handed

corresponds with Mayella's injuries
( trying to convince the jury, Mr.Ewell could have beaten her.)

Strange to us that they would cook possum and squirrel

Scout looks up to Atticus

unusual comparison

vivid imagery
How does Scout describe the Maycomb county courthouse? According to her, what do the greek revival columns and the old clock tower suggest about the people of Maycomb?
"The Maycomb county court house was faintly reminiscent of Arlington in one respect: the concrete pillars supporting it's south roof were too heavy for their light burden... From the other side, however, Greek revival columns clashed with a big nineteenth-century clock tower housing a rusty unreliable instrument, a view indicating a people determined to preserve every physical scrap of the past.
What does Atticus spend much of his time asking Mr.Tate?
If Mr.Tate called a Doctor

Which Eye of Mayella's was bruised ( he would use this information later in the case against Mr.Ewell)

Jem said " corroboratting evidence
One side has huge cement pillars "supporting a light burden" which is very similar to the people of Maycomb and how they make a big deal out of little things.
Ex the mother spelling Cunningham different from the rest of the family.
the other side Scout referred to the clock tower as a representation of the residence of Maycomb and how they hold on to thing of the past that are out of date or unreliable. To take away attention from their faults there are extravagant Greek pillars like the people of Maycomb hiding behind their distinct and bold personallities.
Ex Tough and cold Mrs Dubose was actually strong and brave. :)
It was necessary to turn on the lights in daytime ; there was a film of dust on the rough floorboards. the inhabitants of these offices were creatures of their own environment: little gray-faced men, they seemed untouched by the wind or sun.
sets the mood of the court house
indicating it is old and rarely used by the dust on the rough floor boards
point of view from a child, she sees it literally but with imagination
the author uses A LOT of imagery to give a vivid image and uses hyperbole when she exaggerates that they've never been touched by the wind or sun.
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