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"On the Nature of Progress"

Maurice Herlihy

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Progress

Progress Soup A Periodic Table
of Progress Applications Conclusions threads objects method calls Progress condition is per-method Progress = method call completes some threads make progress not necessarily all progress for continually-enabled calls Every thread eventually makes progress every thread that acquires a lock eventually releases it Some thread eventually acquires each lock Every thread eventually acquires each lock Why even mention locks? deadlock-free = min fair progress
starvation-free = max fair progress arbitrary delays, including unbounded .... classic multicore model some process makes progress no matter what every process makes progress, no matter what for all k > 0,
every thread that does not halt
takes at least k steps by itself Every thread that takes enough steps in isolation makes progress Oblivious: does not "persecute" any thread Statistical/probabilistic guarantees:
bad executions rare Timeliness: bounded delays? "Oblivious" fair scheduler: starvation-free spinlocks WHP "Helping" makes lock-free algorithms wait-free clash-freedom min progress for isolating schedules like Einsteinium: fills gap
does not occur in Nature
no commercial value Thank you! exponential backoff makes schedulers isolating every process given an infinite number of steps classic scheduler for locking ...
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