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pH and Water

No description

krysta ortiz

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of pH and Water

pH and Water
Dissociation of water
water dissociates to form Hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions in solution
An increase in Hydrogen ions lowers the pH and increases the acidity
A decrease in Hydrogen ions (increase in hydroxide ions) increases the pH and decreases the acidity
Biological Buffers
Help maintain the pH of tissues and body fluids
ph control of respiration
Your body responds to stimuli to maintain homeostasis
your breathing pattern is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood
If you hold your breath, your blood pH becomes more acidic; if you hyperventilate, it becomes more basic
ph Investigation
Investigate the influence of exercise on the amount of carbon dioxide in your exhaled breath
Does your breath appear to have more carbon dioxide in it after exercising?
Compare the affect of different exercises on the amount of carbon dioxide in your breath
You can add more water to the flask containing the sodium hydroxide solution and it will have no influence on your results. Explain.
Lab Report Guidelines
variables and controls
if...then statement
List the procedures
quantitative & qualitative
was your hypothesis supported or not?
Analysis Questions
2-3 sentences summarizing the entire lab
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