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Job Interview Prezi

No description

Rhiannon Bresnitz

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Job Interview Prezi

- Organized and Prepared
What to do in a
Job Interview

5th: Are there any questions that an interviewer should not ask you?
No one (Brian, Chris, Joey) fell asleep in the making of this PREZI.
4th: Non-Verbal Communication
What you Wear is crucial. It lets your
Interviewer see how you act over all. What
you want to wear is what you will wear to
the job every day.
What qualities is an interviewer
looking for in an employee?
Non- verbal communication makes a
much larger portion of the interview
than one may think. Interviewers often
look for behaviors that could possibly
label one as a bad worker.
What are some of the common
mistakes made by interviewees?
How can these mistakes be avoided?
What kind of questions are appropriate?
What questions are not appropriate?
Should an interviewer ask questions during the interview?
1st: What to Wear
-Yes, especially if you don't understand the question. Don't be afraid to ask the interviewer to explain
- Ask job-related questions that you've prepared for the interview
- You don't want to come off as a know-it-all.
- Don't ask questions about salary or benefits unless the interviewer brings it up first.
-In the event that you are offered the job immediately, you should ask about specific salary, benefits, and work hours.
During the Interview
Task #3
Task #2
- Polite, well-mannered
- Dressed for success
-Positive Attitude
Thank You for Watching.
The best ways to avoid these
mistakes are to remember to shake
the interviewer's hand, stand until
told otherwise, and that you are
speaking to an actual person and
not come across as too nervous.
Some of the common mistakes interviewees make are not shaking the interviewer's hand, sitting down without invitation, and being too timid or aggressive.
For example, it would not be the wisest to wear a fancy suit or dress if you were working in a garage or factory.
There are many things you should know before going to an interview.
Interviewers look for things such as slouching, biting your nails, and other bad habits that could maim your interview.

Just remember, an interviewer is most likely to notice more bad behaviors than good behaviors.
-Watch out for questions that are illegal for the employer to ask, such as questions about age, race, family, religion, or ethnicity.
Yes, there are all sorts. If one comes up say nicely I am not allowed to answer that question.
If a illegal question comes up in the interview you can also say "This is an illegal question and i do not feel comfortable answering this.
An illegal question could deal with your age, if you are married or single and what your race/ethnicity is.
Hard work pays off. With these helpful tips, you will be getting that job in no time!
-it is appropriate to ask about the duties of the job and what will be asked of you when you work. (such as what you would wear, how y
Body language
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