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1 + 1

Poster for Light School

Ekaterina Fimanova

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of 1 + 1

Our Hobby Our Work Hello! We are Valera and Katya.
We work together. And we learn English together too. We are trying
to learn
English About Kate
Ekaterina is a young married woman. She has a son. She’s got a degree in History and Economics. At the weekends Kate spends her time with her mother and friends. She loves riding a bike and walking the dog. When the weather does not allow that, she goes to the gym. Now she’s reading Akunin and participating in Postcrossing project. Kate wanted to be a princess when she was a kid but she works as a director now. Interview with Valery
1. What color do you like?
I like blue and black. Why black? It is very practical.
2. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A cat, because he is independent and lazy)
3. What oriental culture do you like?
I like Indian culture and I would like to travel to Goa.
4. What flowers do you usually present?
Chamomiles - they’re so romantic)
5. Choose a flavor: sweet, salt or spicy?
Mmm... It depends... Spicy now.
6. What type of transport do you prefer?
A car in town and a plane for travelling. It’s very comfortable.
7. What music do you prefer?
I don’t listen to music. I listen to news on the radio.
8. What vegetable do you hate?
Maybe cabbage? But I like pickled cabbage.
9. What traffic rule would you cancel?
None. I’d like to introduce more rules. Interview with Kate
1. What country you would like to be born and live and why?
I would like be born and live in the USA, because it a safe country for me and my family.
2. If you were born a men, would you be very upset and why?
I wouldn’t like to be a man, because I’m a100% woman :) 3. What time of year do you like and why?
I like autumn. Because I think I look more beautiful in autumn:) .
4. Do you like to dream?
Yes, I like it.
5. Tell me about your dreams:)
My dreams are very different. I dream about travelling, my own big house and that dear people are near with me.
6. What a fairy tale hero would you like to be?
I would like to be a princess only :)
7. If you had to be a negative fairy tale hero, what would you be and why?
I would be a witch. I could do magic.
8. Can you explain why the name of our team is 1+1?
This is a Russian name of my favorite film “The Intouchables”. And this name is about us.
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