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5 Things About Riya

By Anna Mattocks

Anna Mattocks

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of 5 Things About Riya

She says that her perfect best friend woud be Kind, Caring, Trustworthy, Fun and Exciting. Full of Adventure and doesn`t mind getting into trouble at times and always defends her. What would your ideal Best Friend be like? The zoo because there would be lots of scary animals. As she is afraid of snakes and large animals. She is also terrified of cats, wich is quite stupid seeing as there are lots of cats on her road.
LOL Describe what your worst holiday would be like What would you do if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to your house and asked to use the loo? She would tell them to do one! and find there own toilet somewhere else and not to tell the queen or ELSE!!!!!!!!!!! What would you do if you bumped into Justin Beiber in ASDA? Give him a massive hug and tell him not to go out with Selena ever again and go out with her instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tell him that she wants him to be her BF4life(bluck i hate Justin Beiber, by Anna) By Anna 5 Things about Riya What movie charactor do you think Mr Flannery looks like? She thinks that Mr Flannery looks like Fiona from Shrek!!! She fancies Zak Burton 7J. She asked him out but he keeps saying no!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE HURTS!!!!!!! Can i please use your toilet,Riya?
I am BURSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who do you have a crush on in this school??
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