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To Kill A Mockingbird

No description

Delaney A

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird

TKAM is about discrimination and racism in the south in the mid-1900's.Jem and Scout are children of Atticus Finch, a lawyer in Alabama. Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, and he was accused and found guilty of raping a young white girl and is sent to prison. In the end, the children are saved by Boo Radley, who is rumored to never come outside and to have attacked his family. They show the readers that you can't judge someone just based on something you have heard about them.
Memory Moment
Tough Questions
Throughout the book, Scout and Jem ask themselves, and Atticus, why is there such a problem along different "types" of people
"If there's just one kind of folks, why can't they get along with each other? If they're all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?"
-To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 23
The story is explained in past-tense and it is really about all the events that lead up to Jem breaking his arm. It is explained from Scout's perspective as she looks back on the past two years, so really, the entire book is a memory moment.

"When enough years had gone by to enable us to look back on them, we sometimes discussed the events leading to his accident."
To Kill a Mockingbird
, Chapter 1
Words of the Wise
Perhaps one of the most famous quotes from
To Kill A Mockingbird
is Atticus's closing speech in Chapter 20.
By Harper Lee
To Kill A Mockingbird
Aha Moment
In the courtroom, Atticus asks Bob Ewell to write his name and it turns out, Bob is left handed and Mayella was beaten by someone who leads with their left hand. What's even more interesting is Tom Robinson's left hand was crippled, so Atticus realized Tom couldn't have beaten Mayella.

"'What's so interestin'?' he asked. 'You're left-handed, Mr. Ewell,' said Judge Taylor."
-TKAM, chapter 17
Again and Again
Another Aha Moment is when they are back at the house after Scout and Jem got attacked by Bob Ewell. Scout was wondering who had carried Jem back to the house, and she sees someone behind the door. She realizes that the person is Boo and Boo had saved them.

Aha Moment
Contrasts and Contradictions
Throughout the story, Boo Radley is talked about and described many times for no apparent reason, as he seems unimportant to the plot. However, in the end, Boo Radley is the one who saves the children. Again and again the children try to make Boo Radley come out.

"By the end of August our repertoire was vapid from countless reproductions, and it was then that Dill gave us the idea of making Boo Radley come out."

-TKAM, Chapter 1
Jem, who was always very close to Scout begins to try to act like a grown-up and distance himself from Scout.

"Overnight, it seemed, Jem had acquired an alien set of values and was trying to impose them on me: several times he went so far as to tell me what to do."
-TKAM, Chapter 12
To Kill A Mockingbird
Overall, we would rate this book as a 9/10 because it is very well-written and has many events. We would recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about discrimination in the south in the mid-1900's.
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