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Tattoos and Piercings

No description

Ben Michalowski

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and Piercings Cons of Tattoos Types of Tattoos Cons of Piercings Example of Tattoo Types of Piercings Examples of Piercings THE END Getting a tattoo could be dangerous
because it could cause getting something like Hepatitis B. There are a few types of tattoos. The first is abstraction tattoos, this is low key it does not take too much artwork, and the colors are usually black.

The next type is naturalistic tattoos, these area vivid and more colorful tattoos. This takes more work and is usually nature. Piercings are never a good idea, you can get many different types of diseases or infections. Some problems with piercings besides the casual earlobe piercing are, when you pierce the cartilage part of the ear it is a lot more likely to become infected. Other common spots include the mouth and tongue, nose, and eyebrow. Each body piercing site has its own normal healing time and its own set of potential problems. If you have other health problems then you defiantly shouldn’t get any body piercings because other health issues increase the chance for infections. Piercings are bad because you may not have discovered you have other issues and then get your body pierced and get a very bad infection. Infection in the mouth or lips may cause speech, chewing, or swallowing problems or swelling that can block the throat. Some people may have allergies to metal that may not know this and get medically hurt. Also getting piercings in your mouth can defiantly lead to chipping your teeth or gum problems. This can mean difficulty chewing or swallowing. A piece of jewelry can become loose and you can swallow it and possibly die, or go into surgery. There are many types of piercings and here are a few. The industrial piercing is a piercing that consists of two piercings in the upper area of the outer cartilage of the ear. A hole is punctured in both sides of ear, one in front and one in back. Examples of the industrial piercing include the helix, snug, rook, tragus, anti-tragus, and conch.

A facial piercing is any piercing found on the face that has punctured through the skin. Examples of the Facial piercing include the nose, eyebrow, cheek, lip, tongue and even the tooth.

A body piercing is a puncture through your skin from the neck down. Examples of the Body piercing are belly, neck, finger, nail, wrist, hip, sternum, clavicle, nape, and surface piercings. Sources kidshealth.org
cnn.com Most people between 7th and 9th grade are getting tattoos done by amateurs so the amateurs don't know what they are doing as much as pros do so the needle could go to far into your skin and it could hurt you. Most times if teens or some younger adults get tattoos they don't know what they will like for
the rest of their life and may change their
mind in a couple years and may want to
get it removed and getting a tattoo
removed will leave
scars. Dedication tattoos are not the most common in this time. This tattoo symbol's military, like the navy used a anchor to symbol for his ship. Complex tattoos are very intricate and are more complicated for the artist, it is more complicated then the other types of tattoos.
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