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The Cube

No description

yoshi R24

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of The Cube

The Cube SMP! :D
All the information you'd ever need to about the Cube.
Cube SMP
Cube SMP is a whitelisted, invite-only server created by Graser10 & StrauberryJam and is hosted by Mineplex. It began on November 25th, 2013. Most of the members of the Cube consist of the UHC Roster. Members cannot join but have been invited over time by Graser and the other members. There is a voting system that determines who should be invited.
Current Cube Members Part 1
StrauberryJam: Straub/Mitchell
xBayani: Bayani/Jordan
KermitDoesMinecraft: Kermit/Dakota
TheCampingRusher: Rusher/Brayden
ChildDolphin: Dolphin/Ryan
Devon_Mines: Devon
Current Cube Members Part 2
FollowKevn: Kenny G/Kevin
defek7: Jonny Lopes/Jon
PatClone: Patrick Clone/Pat
Grapeapplesauce: Grape/Sean
DulJuice: Dul/Maddie
StacyPlays: Stacy
Parker_Games: Parker
Kiingtong: William Shakesphere/Will
JWingWangWong: Jwong
Cube Member Facts and Info: Graser
Cube and Facts and Info: Straub
YouTube: StrauberryJam and StrauberryPlays
Twitter: @StrauberryJam
Name: Mitchell
Age: 18
Some Quotes: "umad bro?" "y you have to get so mad bro"
Straub's Face
Straub's Skin
Cube Info and Facts: Grape
YouTube: Grapeapplesauce
Twitter: @Grapeapplesauce
Name: Sean
Age: 19
Some Quotes: "You gotta be joking me!"
Grape's Face
Grape's Skin
Cube Facts and Info: Rusher
YouTube: TheCampingRusher
Twitter: @TheCampingRush
Name: Brayden
Age: 18
Some Quotes: "I'll smack ya right in the patella!" "What are you doing?!"
Rusher's Skin
Rusher's Face
Cube Facts and Info: TYBZI
YouTube: TYBZI
Twitter: @TYBZI
Name: Michael
Age: 19
Some Quotes: "SON OF A MOTHER!"
TYBZI's Skin and Face
Cube Facts and Info: Bayani

YouTube: xBayani
Twitter: @xBayani
Name: Jordan
Age: 19
Some Quotes:
Bayani's Face
Bayani's Skin
Cube Facts and
Info: Dolphin

YouTube: ChildDolphin
Twitter: @ChildDolphin
Name: Ryan
Age: 18
Some Quotes:
ChildDolphin's Face
His Skin
Cube Facts and Info:
YouTube: HBomb94
Twitter: @HBomb94
Name: Liam
Age: 20
Some Quotes:
Zachary Graser (commonly known as Graser) is a Canadian Minecraft Youtuber and is well known for being the organizer of Cube SMP and UHC, as well as his 400+ Hunger Games videos. He recently also created and co-owns DynastyPvP, a factions server with Grapeapplesauce and xBayani. He frequently plays with StrauberryJam, Bayani, Tybzi, HBomb, Grape, and Parker (MineplexOfficial), as well as most members of the Cube SMP and UHC Roster. His in-game name is 'GraserMC', formerly 'graser10cp'. He bought a new account because he wanted to capitalize the first letter of his name and he wanted to drop the "10" and "cp". People still call him graser10cp sometimes, though.

His Minecraft skin is a robot and was created by FinsGraphics. Graser owns a MineCon 2013 cape, but did not go to Minecon. That's because his old friend Thinknoodles gave him the link to the cape. As we don't know much about him, the guys like to joke around and call him 'The Ugly Robot'.

Graser is infamous for being 'the clean-up crew', as he tends to swoop in on fights and kill the winner when they have low health. He is also notorious for being a 'scumbag' as often he kills his teammates.

Graser is a bit of a joker with an amazing laugh. He gets a lot of insults (ie. to his intelligence 'God, you're so stupid' , 'being around you kills more brain cells than taking drugs') from his friends, but it's okay as he once stated 'I can take it'. The insults are an on-going joke. Other jokes include: he can't record at 3:00pm, so everyone he records with has to be ready by 2:57pm, and he constantly needs 'minutes' for his Cube SMP videos.

In his Hunger Games, Graser likes to test his friends reactions when faced with awkward silences. He also likes to say random phrases, or repeat what his teammate just said. Quotes include; 'Do you love me today?', 'Doo dee doo', 'roast','Fix it, Think!' 'It's your time buddy!' 'holy smokes!', 'what the heck?', wait, what?', 'Here you go Clifford little buddy' and 'The EV!'
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