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peliculas de terror

No description

pamela sandoval

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of peliculas de terror

horror movies
the perfect snowman
Game Over
wrong turm
welcome to my nightmare
In this article we will see
several horror films of all time
His trailers, photos and plot that develops.
Massacre in Texas
massacre in Texas is a story inspired by real events. is a group of people who are lost in the woods where they encounter a man who kills people and uses their faces as mask.
Amityville is a family decides to move to a very spacious and comfortable house on the edge of a lake. But from the moment they arrive the father begins to feel and see strange things in the house. After investigating and discovered the gruesome discovery crímienes that were committed there the year before, when a man kills his family, and the spirits are still in the house. kills his family, and the spirits are still in the house.
Saw is a man who is terminally ill and wants show others how important it is to value life and raises points or "games" where people must complete them to survive.
Try a ventriloquist who went mad. Accused of killing a child, the villagers chased her, cut out her tongue, was killed and buried with all their dolls, dolls then disappeared from the tomb and the woman's spirit began to kill and cut off language to all children.
Is a clown, child murderer, who is faced with a group of friends, and they think they have won, 30 years later, they meet again because "that" is back, then face again.
Wrong Turn are people who are lost in a forest and when they try to get out of this are a large family of mutants that are cannibals and begin to hunt.
freddy krueger
Vanessa Mora
Jeannethe Loyola
Pamela Sandoval.
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