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EdTech Prezi

Tools, tips, tricks for putting the e- in e-learning

Waldo Krugell

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of EdTech Prezi

e-learning tools, tips and tricks #EdTech But then the I asked: We started with a basic idea:
EdTech for Higher Ed !
a basic 101 on how to use you e-mail and eFundi What tools would you use for creating and sharing? How can you set up a high tech workflow? How do you build a personal learning network? I'm an economist and in economics we always start with a few assumptions (rational ones mostly):
You have internet access: in residence, in campus labs, or the wi-fi, ADSL at your digs, a 3G dongle or on your phone
For the rest of story the platform does not matter - PC vs laptop vs tablet, Windows vs Mac, iOS vs Android are fun to debate, but nothing should prevent you from using EdTech Start with e-mail Everyone gets a studentnumber@nwu.ac.za address
It is Novell Groupwise
You can access it on lab computers
Or as web mail
You can set up you smart phone or tablet to have mail pushed to you Your lecturers think that sending you an e-mail
(often via eFundi) is the best way to communicate with you. You should read e-mail at this address. But it is useful to also have a plan B:
Set up a GMail address as well Use it as an archive,
forward all the NB emails
and large attachments to
GMail And you will be set up for the
rest of the Google universe:
G+, YouTube, Picassa web albums
Blogger, Google Drive eFundi It is the NWU's Learning Management System (LMS)
eFundi is the electronic interface for most courses
It is the way that the lecturer:
makes announcements,
shares resources (PPTs), videos, audio clips, links,
takes polls and surveys,
allows you to submit assignments,
runs on-line tests and quizzes
asks you to contribute to chats and wiki's If you are not on eFundi, you are not registered for the course Throughout your studies, you will be using different
types of software, but we won't spend time on
Word, Excel or PowerPoint now For statistics/econometrics you might use: EViews, Statistica, SPSS, R, or SAS
Some of you might use ArcGIS, or Adobe CS Tools for creating and sharing Collecting Curating Visualisation Collaboration Presenting Working online For research Personal learning network Infovore Attention economy
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