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Rebecca Kural

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Literature

18th-Century Literature by Rebecca Kural, Chloe Potsklan,
Samuel F. Savitz, and Thomas Yang Candide by Voltaire <3 About Voltaire Fables and Parables
by Krasicki Lyrical Ballads
by Wordsworth and Coleridge About le book Excerpt 1. The Rape of the Lock
by Alexander Pope

2. Candide
by Voltaire

3. Fables and Parables
by Ignacy Krasicki

4. Lyrical Ballads
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth Table of Contents Authors Movement Excerpts The Rape of the Lock Summary and
Impact The Enlightenment Alexander Pope About the Author About the Poem About the Movement An Excerpt example of:
war and cruelty
Voltaire's philosophy Satirical Comment About Upper Class Coleridge Wordsworth The Rime of the
Ancient Mariner Lines Written a Few
Miles above Tintern Abbey Then cease, bright Nymph! to mourn the ravish'd Hair
Which adds new Glory to the shining Sphere!
Not all the Tresses that fair Head can boast
Shall draw such Envy as the Lock you lost.
For, after all the Murders of your Eye,
When, after Millions slain, your self shall die;
When those fair Suns shall sett, as sett they must,
And all those Tresses shall be laid in Dust;
This Lock, the Muse shall consecrate to Fame,
And mid'st the Stars inscribe Belinda's Name!
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