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Workplace Bullying and Harassment

No description

Alicia Jerome

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Workplace Bullying and Harassment

What is workplace

Repeated,intentional, harming mistreatment of another employee
Types of Workplace Bullying
work interference
Relational Aggression


Power imbalance
spreading malicious rumors
threatening abuse
damaging property
insulting blogs
Using code names to talk about others
Criticizing remarks
hostile body language
huddling and whispers
yelling or using profanity
innuendo that is not true
posting photographs
sending viruses
internet polls
online videos
Types of Workplace Bullying
What you see
What you don't see
Harassment vs Bullying vs Rude
Inappropriate/unwelcome behavior or conduct
Liability Risks for Employers
"Mean" behavior or conduct
prohibited by law
relates to status of a protected group
not always a relationship between harasser & victim
doesn't have to be directed at an individual
not addressed by US law
imbalance of power
low productivity
tension among employees
staff turnover
associated costs of hiring and training
stress-related health problems
Offensive conduct/behaviors
poor manners
not intentional

•Lowered self-esteem and depression
•Digestive upsets
•High blood pressure
•Trouble with relationships due to stress over work
•Post traumatic stress disorder

"Harassment Bullying"
requests for transfer
poor concentration
sudden avoidance of social situations
sad, moody
low self-esteem
loss of interest
low productivity
Red Flags
poor impulse control
verbal aggression
uses political gamesmanship
spreads rumors in private
exposes victim’s mistakes
gets angry when confronted
belong to a clique
non-verbal cues
Report any red flags promptly to HR for investigation
Steps Employers Can Take to Prevent
Encourage civil and respectful conduct
Be vigilant for aggressive behavior
Establish an anti-bullying policy
Train employees to be aware of bullying and to report it
Be clear about behavior expectations
Story 1:
Let’s (Not) Do Lunch
Meg is a new Housekeeping employee that started 2 weeks ago. She is often given the cold shoulder by the other
staff members, who refuse to help her with any questions she asks; therefore, she is having a hard time
“learning the ropes”. Other staff members also isolate and ignore her during breaks and lunch.
Story 3:
Bad Day
Sally was late for a meeting and ran into Paul in the hallway. As usual, Paul initiated polite small talk. While Sally is usually polite in return, she was having a bad day and ended the conversation by saying "Are you seriously wearing that sweater again? Didn't you just wear it, like, yesterday? Get a life."
Story 2:
Just Kidding
A group of administrative employees work together fairly frequently. A few of them make jokes about other
employees, but usually follow with “I didn’t really mean it” or “I’m only kidding around”. The jokes obviously make the employees feel uncomfortable, but no one intervenes for fear of being excluded from the group.
Not Bullying!
Be on the look out for

report serious concerns to HR
need to control
poor impulse control
unwanted behavior based on:
sex (including pregnancy)
national origin
age (40 or older)
genetic information
sexual orientation
When is it Unlawful?
a condition of continued employment
Third Party Harassment
Quid Pro Quo
"Something for Something"

Something that is given to you or done for you in return for something you have given or done for someone else
Hostile Work Environment
Severe or pervasive conduct considered intimidating or hostile
Includes guests, customers, and vendors
Employee to guest harassment
Guest to employee harassment
Employed by the company
Employed by a third party
Not Unlawful:
Petty slights
isolated incidents
unless extremely serious
intimidating, offensive and interferes with the ability to perform the job
Personal malice
Forcing resignation
Grant sexual favors
Sexual Harassment
Verbal Harassment
Physical Harassment
Forms of Harassment
Sexual innuendos and remarks
Kidding or teasing
Verbal abuse of a sexual nature
Propositions, invitations, etc.
Suggestive or insulting sounds
Inappropriate touching
Brushing up against the body
Attempting to kiss
Assault, including rape
Displaying objects or pictures
Verbal abuse
Derogatory or demeaning comments, innuendos, and slurs
Insulting sounds
Offensive crude language
Offensive jokes
Implied or overt threats
Threatening abuse
Physical assaults
Kicking, hitting, pushing, pinching, etc.
Damage to property
Interference with work performance
Blocking someones path

Offensive objects or pictures
Obscene or threatening gestures
Intimidating body language
Offensive graffiti
Recognized by the state of NJ
Beginning to be recognized on the Federal level
Offensive text messages
Texting or emailing offensive language
Sending articles or links to prejudice websites
Sending lewd cartoons or pictures
Posting offensive videos
Our Policy
What if...
Do not be afraid to Speak Up!
What if you feel you have been harassed?
What you should know
The law strongly favors victims
May be alleged by willing participants
Harassers can be held personally liable
Can occur when nothing was done or said
Can involve indirect situations
Someone can walk by and be offended by what they overhear or see
If comfortable, speak with the individual directly
Explain how you feel
Report the incident(s) to your department manager
Speak to a member of human resources
Do not be afraid of retaliation or losing your job
It is against the law for a manager or employer to retaliate
Can I simply go to the EEOC?
the person responsible for handling a sexual harassment claim is the harasser?
What happens if a guest is harassing another guest?
Ocean Place Resort and Spa has a
policy regarding harassment.

Please refer to your employee handbook or stop by Human Resources for the full policy.
Scenario 3
You go out with a group of co-workers for drinks after work. During the get-together you share some details about your last date. The next week, one of the members of the group begins sharing it with others. You find out and ask them to stop, but they continue.
Scenario 2
An employee has learned that a co-worker is an atheist and does not celebrate holidays. The employee makes negative comments about the co-workers personal religious beliefs, and tries to convert them to a certain religious ideology.
Scenario 1:
One worker checks personal e-mail at work and occasionally opens mail from friends that contains offensive pictures. He shuts them down quickly and no one has complained of seeing one.
Not Harassment
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