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Oracle HCM


Jenny T

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Oracle HCM

JD Edwards World HCM
Deployment options
•Private Cloud
•Public Cloud
•Hybrid Cloud
Oracle Human Capital Management Portfolio
Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) is the part of enterprise resource planning that focuses on managing and analysing people and their information. HCM applications streamline and automate many of the day-to-day record-keeping processes and provide a framework for HR staff to manage benefits administration, payroll, succession planning and comply with industry and government regulations.

HCM provides:
Employees with clearly defined and consistently communicated performance expectations.
Managers with the information they need to make decisions that are based on data such as performance appraisals, rewarding, and holding employees accountable for achieving specific business goals, creating innovation and supporting continuous improvement.
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
PeopleSoft HCM
Taleo Cloud Service
Oracle Fusion HCM
E-Business Suite HCM
Taleo is a leader across all three HCM functions


Taleo Recruitment
Taleo Learn
Taleo Social Sourcing
Power of Social Networks
Key Benefits to customers
SaaS vs On-Premise
Reduced upfront cost
Reduced implemented time
Latest hardware and software
SaaS vs On-Premise
Oracle Fusion HCM redefines
the business of HR, with applications
that deliver a next-generation
user experience, built-in business
intelligence, networking and
collaboration capabilities,
and embassy-grade security.
Why choose Oracle Fusion HCM?
Comparison of candidates

New hire sourcing and assessment
Compliance risk management
Leadership programs
Design the learning program
Tracking of development plans
Report generation of outstanding activities
Risk management
Overview of succession
Promotions based on skill set
Talent intelligence
sourcing the best candidates
Lower costs
L&D reduced by 25%
New hire onboarding reduced by 4 hours
Agent training reduced from 30 days to 7 days
Prefilled compliance forms and additional forms can be added at no extra cost
Worker Portrait
Based on 2011 data
Taleo Transitions
Origin: United Statates
Industry: Construction
Type: Home building

We’re looking for software to manage all of our employees and their data. In the near future, we're looking to expand into manufacturing.
Customer needs
Our customer needs robust software to manage all of its people as well as their data.
And ensure that the software solution allows room for the company to grow.
JD Edwards World Human Capital Management
Focused on managing workforce
Analysing employee skills
Future integration with JD Edwards Applications suite
Managing and understanding your workforce
Allows Human Resources to focus on strategies for finding and keeping the best people
Finding the best people for the job
Tools for analysis
United States Payroll
Secure, compliant, and scalable
Integrated self-service for employees and managers
Complex payroll functions such as wage attachments
Origin: Australia
Industry: Consulting
Type: Management Consulting firm

We’re an Australian management consulting company and we need something that helps our employees become more productive, allow our HR group and managers to see how our employees are performing, and most importantly, letting our employees enter timecards in a simple and efficient way.
Customer needs
Our customer needs to increase productivity
Understand how its employees are doing
Simplify time card entry for better project accounting
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
A focus on self-service
HR-specific functions, such as performance management
Additional benefit of consolidating payroll
Self-service and efficiency
Increases productivity by eliminating manual processes.
Improves employee satisfaction by giving them control
Error reduction - information provided by those who know it best
HR-specific functions
Allows HR to focus on strategies to hire and keep the best people
Performance management and monitoring tools
Appraisal journal
The importance of a time card
Time saving, cost saving templates
Multiple projects per employee
Better project accounting
Some workforce-related questions asked by organisations include: ‘Which of our hires do we wish to retain for their performance and productivity?’ ‘What are the most effective compensation and development benefits that will optimise our competitiveness?’ among other questions.

Using PeopleSoft HCM HR Analytics, it is now possible for organisations to answer workforce-related questions.

HR Performance Analytics

Compensation Analytics

Leave and Absence Analytics

Recruiting Analytics
Minimise the risk of losing key talent

Manage internal VS external hiring costs

Avoid over or underpaying salaries and benefits

I want to cut costs, and as a multinational corporation, I am really interested in streamline business systems across all the different regions and countries. Oracle, can you help me?
EBS Human Capital Management: Global Strategy
Business operating across oceans and borders but wanting corporate consistency

Through country specific localization
Expansion packs to the core HCM functionalities

Facilitate country specific requirements

Dive into new markets and regions
Currency for employees temporarily working in a difference country
Language for comfort

Talent Management
Cultural differences
Single source of truth
Single Repository of employee data from all corners of the world

Compete globally while complying locally
Oracle Fusion HCM
"According to the research, investments in SaaS are expected to increase across all regions; 77 percent of respondents expected to increase spending" -
Gartner Survey
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