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Arthur Zimmermann

No description

Melissa Ruby

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Arthur Zimmermann

Arthur Zimmermann
by Melissa Ruby

Arthur Zimmerman was born on October 5th, 1864 in Marggrabowa, East Prussia which is now Olecko, Mazury, Poland.In his early life, he studied law in Knigsberg and Leipzig. He did this for a while, and then went on to recieve his decorate in law.
Where and When was he born?
When Arthur was 29 years old, he joined the military in Berlin. Later on, in 1911 he was made the Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Berlin Foreign Office. Only five years later, he was promoted to the Secretary position. At the time Germany had become heavily involved into World War I, and it became Zimmerman's objective to gain an advantage.
His Military background.
This led to the proposed alliance with Mexico which later became the infamous Zimmerman Telegram.
In January of 1917, Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to the Mexican government. It was top secret, and stated that if Mexico joined Germany in war against the U.S, that Mexico could "regain lost territory in Texas, New Mexico and
The Zimmerman Telegram
and Arizona." Germany wanted a war and knew The United States was the right place to look for one.
The British military ended up intercepting the Telegram and gave the information to the United States. This information was also made public to the citizens of the U.S. The government felt tremendous pressure from the Americans to declare war against Germany at this point, but they did not. Although they did not join, many historians say, the
Impact of the Zimmerman Telegram on WWI.
Zimmerman Telegram was a big factor in the U.S joining the war, and creating a lot of tension between the Americans and the Germans during WWI.
After learning that the Americans had found out about the telegram, Arthur gave a speech explaining that he had not really wanted Mexico to attack the States, but instead it was a proposal, in case America had decided to attack Germany first. In fact, he explained because President Wilson had cut ties with Germany with such "extreme roughness" that he "no longer had the opportunity to explain the German attitude.." Zimmerman attempted to push the blame on America instead of taking it himself.

Zimmerman's speech
Arthur Zimmerman died on June 6th, 1940 in Berlin Germany, of natural causes. During his time in the war, he had been one of the causes for the United States to enter the war, because of his infamous Zimmerman Telegram.
His death.
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