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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

English Presentation

Taji Phillips

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Important Characters: Guy Montag: The main character in this book whose job is burning books. Later in the book Montag finds difficulty choosing his job and his normal life over the salvation of the books that are forbidden in society.

Clarisse: Montag's next door neighbor who has a different view of society than other people do. She opens Montag's mind in a whole new way, telling him of how firemen used to put out fires in the past. Sadly, she dies of a car accident in the middle of the book.

Mildred Montag: Guy's wife who does not really share an affectionate relationship with Guy. She like most of society is mainly focused on television and more of technology than the important things of life.

Captain Beatty: Montag's fire department chief that realizes Montag's flaw by having a book and reassures him that books are unuseful and a waste of time. He also tells Montag that this is a stage that every firemen go through and that he should burn the book and come back to work.

Faber: An old college professeur that Montag contacts so they may discuss the book he's reading and help him form a plot against the entire fire department. Theme: Through the writing of this book, Ray Brad bury is trying to get several messages and themes across to his reader. One message that we all
picked up on was how society's advances in technology have lead us from
reading as much as we did in the past. With entertaining electronics and computers, reading books becomes less needed in society and it is slowly dissapearing because of human lack of interest. In the book, we see this
when Montag is trying to engage his wife and his neighbors in an intellectual conversation on their views of the government. The ladies take no interest in Montag's conversation and would rather watch television to occupy themselves.
Another theme is a to put everything into what you believe in and fight
for the point you want to prove. In the novel, Montag went against all of society's ways to try to show that books were really important. He believed that humans were being brainwashed because they were not interested in learning or making their own decisions.He did not believe that all people should be equal and he went to great lengths trying to show it.

Introduction: Farenheight 451 is a story about an alternate reality set somewhat into the future. The story follows a fireman named Guy Montag. In this reality, a fireman’s job is to burn books. Books are now illegal since the world is almost somewhat run by a dictatorship preventing people to think for themselves. The government believes that books make people think for themselves, imagine and dream. Now in our world, today, we rely on almost every electronic for tons of things. We rely on the T.V. to tell us the news, the internet so we can read online, cell phones so we can talk to people without really being there with them. What I’m getting to is that are we becoming this alternate reality? Are we slowly forgetting about books, are we relying on all this new technology to do things for us? Are we forgetting the old fashion way, of simply taking a book out and reading?
Plot Video: Guy Montag who has been a firemen for about 10 years had no problems burning books, he actually quite liked it. Then his satisfactory career and everything he has ever known in life takes a trun for the worst when he and his coworkers went on a regular midnight run. There he felt nothing he has ever felt before, the urge to take a book. As he was standing among a pile of books and out of curiousity he grabbed one and sneakily stole in from an old womans house that was about to be burned. Soon he realizes that books are not something that should be burned but something that should be treasured since there were so few left. From there on with the help of a friend, Faber, Montag sets out to destroy the fire department and prove to society that humans are being brainwashed and they should learn and think on their own. He wishes to prove to the world that books are a necessary tool to gain knowledge and seperate people mentally.
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