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Game Changers

No description

Jared Nowakowski

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Game Changers

Game Changers was Published on May 8th, 2012.
Book Info.
Plot Diagram
Favorite Character Quote
My favorite character quote in Game Changers was, "Not bad for a little guy, right?" Ben said. I like this quote because because it shows that no matter your size, or shape you can always be successful.
The Hook
Game Changers is a book about a boy named Ben. Ben has always wanted to be a starting quarterback, but was always looked at as being to small. The only other thing in his way is Shawn O'Brien. Shawn's dad is also the coach and a former professional quarterback. Shawn looks as if he would be the ideal quarterback, but has been struggling. Ben finally gets his chance in a game when they are down 20-0. Even if Ben wins the game, will Shawn still be the starting quarterback all because of his dad?
Written By: Mike Lupica
Game Changers
It's Lexile level is 870.
Game Changers is a realistic fiction book.
The main characters are Ben, Shawn, Shawn's Dad (their coach), Lily, Coop, and Sam. The protagonist is Ben and the antagonist is Shawn. Game Changers takes place in many settings, but the place they are most often at is The Rock (their middle school football field). The conflict is that Ben wants to be the starting quarterback, but Shawn seems to be able to find every way to talk his dad into letting him be the starter.
Rising Action
1. Ben tries out for quarterback, even though he knows Shawn will get the starting position.
2. Shawn gets the job as a starter and Ben is
a running back, safety, wide receiver, and kick
3. Shawn starts to struggle and Ben goes to his house
to try to help him improve.
4. Shawn starts to improve, but when he misses one
pass he goes back to his old ways and giving up.
5. Shawn tells Ben he doesn't want to be
a quarterback and starts to struggle again.
Ben gets a chance to start
in a game where they are
20-0. Ben brings his team
back and wins the game.
After the game Shawn comes to Ben's house
to talk. He talks about wanting to be a quarterback
now, and that he will act like the "perfect son" so
that he will continue to be the starting quarterback.
Falling Action
Shawn still ends up being the starter.
Their coach comes up with plays where Ben
could pass despite being the backup.
Shawn gives up towards the end of a game because
he doesn't think his team can win. Ben comes in and wins the game.
In the end, Ben gets the starting job after Shawn left before the game ended. Shawn becomes a wide receiver and tells the truth to his dad about not wanting to be a quarterback. Ben and Shawn also become friends and they win the championship game with a deep throw to Sam.
Recommendation: 4.5 stars out of 5
I really liked this book because the plot
was interesting and realistic. The characters
were also easy to relate to.
Other Books By the Author
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Million-Dollar Throw, The Big Field, Summer Ball,
Miracle on 49th Street, Heat, Travel Team, Shoot-Out,
Two-Minute Drill, Hot Hand , Long Shot, and Safe at Home.
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