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Language Arts Poetry Project

No description

Casey Bozarth

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Language Arts Poetry Project

Poetry Project By: Casey Bozarth
Friends are like scars;
they have good and bad memories and never fade away.(Simile)
Friends are always there, they make you laugh when you’re sad
You can tell them anything and you won’t be judged.
My friends are wild, crazy, and fun, and funny, foolsh, funky.(Aliteration)
they laugh with you and not at you.
Friends are the keepers of your memories, you can call them for advice they are the ones
That never let you down. My friends are hard to find but will never be forgotten, they are
unlike any other. These people are the ones I spend most my time with, the ones that bring a
Smile to my face. These are the people I call my
B.E.S.T. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
(Free Verse, Similie, and Aliteration) Snow
(Haiku) Snow fell on the ground
As it didn’t make a sound
I looked down at its grace
(Catalog, Imagry) My favorite time of year is…
When the ground is covered in white
The houses are colorfully lit with joy
And reefs are hung on the door.
My favorite time of year is…
When lists of gifts are made and are hoped to be received
The kids are bundled up in snow clothes
And snow creatures are built high
The time of year no one passes by.
My favorite time of year is…
Where red socks are hung
And the flames keep them warm
They are soon to be filled with toys and treats
For the man with the big belly and the jolly old face is near.
My favorite time of year…
When I wake up and I am never let down
The time of year Christmas comes around.
(Free Verse) One summer night
The night the heater in the sky faded quickly
The night the tears from above soaked us
The night we drew our plan of success
The night we hid from every car with roaring engines
The night we soaked our boots in puddles
The night we never got caught
The night rules were broken
The night every pose was made, and picture was taken
The night every memory was captured
The night I spent with my friends
The night I feared for my life
The night my heart raced a million miles per hour
The night of endless giggles
The night my eyes grew dreary of no sleep
The night ill never forget
The morning I woke up
And realized it was
The night that never happened
The night I had dreamt.
(Lyric) Music sooths the soul
It makes us feel whole.
Without music we would fail
And in life we would bail.
Passion would be lost
And we would feel exhaust.
But with music feelings are shared
And artists are dared.
Music’s our soul
And makes us feel whole.
Memories are remembered
Then they are faded and blurred.
Music brings us back to reality
So wake up baby.
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