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The Perfume Brief

No description

Hevelyn Bolade

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Perfume Brief


We looked at the retail environment, how products are exhibited, their design and price range.

We also analyzed the way consumers shopped, and what products caught their attention the most.

The Staff behaviour was also an important factor of our research, we payed attention to how they behaved towards the costumers and their level of knowledge regarding the product.
During our day in London we were able to get a far bigger insight in the perfume industry than we did while in Nottingham.We went to various specialized perfumeries, and got to talk with the employees working there, many were quite friendly and some even agreed to being recorded while interviewed, others unfortunately were really condescending and agreed to be interviewed quite reluctantly, causing us to be rushed because of the uncomfortable atmosphere.
Lush-"Emotional Brilliance" line
When we were in London we also had the opportunity to visit the Dave Chihuly exhibition "Beyond the Object". It was an amazing experience, his creations are something that you could only describe as breathtaking. We were highly inspired by his work, and left wanting to apply his technique to our own product design.
Sapeurs - New GUINNESS Advert (2014)
DANDY /'dandi/

1. A man unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable

Market Research
Nottingham Retail Environment
Initial Idea
London Research
Market Research
Pen Portrait
Sales of U.S. prestige men’s fragrance increased 6 percent, to $953 million, from May 2012 – April 2013.
The NPD Group, Inc.

“Men are creatures of habit when it comes to their scent selection, remaining loyal to what they know and like”
-Karen Grant
“While they are driven primarily by practical factors, and are less focused on choosing scents because of an emotional appeal such as being memorable, romantic, or different, men’s fragrance decisions are heavily influenced by the key people in their lives.”
-Karen Grant
72% of male fragrance wearers started wearing them at age 17 or younger

The NPD Group, Inc.

40% of male teen fragrance wearers, ages 13-17, were influenced by their fathers to wear fragrance, and even more chose to wear a fragrance to impress a girl.
The NPD Group, Inc.
Pipette design by Lovorika Banovic
The Perfume Studio, Create Your Own Fragrance Kit
the Big Pony and Eau the Lacoste bottles from Ralph Lauren and Lacoste
Pipette design by Camilla Kropp
La Sape, is a social movement centered in Brazzaville. The movement embodies the elegance in style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies as a means of resistance.
The Picture Show
Thank you
Gender: Male

Age: 18-25

Location: City

Personality: Creative, Likes to have fun, outgoing
Occupation: Socialite, Likes to experiment with different jobs, Works mainly for fun rather than need

Hobbies: Likes going to museums, Likes going to soirees and nightclubs, likes going to fashion shows

Music: Likes indie music, R&B, Jazz, Underground Hip Hop

Style: Takes care of himself, Fashionable, Elegant, Classy, Laid back

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