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MSET Portfolio Presentation

My exit portfolio presentation for the Masters of Science in Educational Technology, MSET, program at Dakota State University.

Laura Howard

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of MSET Portfolio Presentation

Laura Howard Biography Key
Themes Reflections Thanks! Minnesota volleyball softball DSU Elementary education/special education cards ice cream 3rd grade technology committee DSU admissions advisor for 2 student organizations MSET Strengthening technology integration leadership in educational technology 21st century skills
constructivist approach new technological environment professional development knowledgeable and confident keep up/stay ahead decisions, funding, strategies are we doing things right? conducting analyzing presenting inspiring/guiding collaboration communication listening policies/procedures new technologies flexible willingness up to date evaluate strategies Masters of Science in Educational Technology www.students.dsu.edu/howardl classroom management integrating technology role model respecting and being respected cooperating communicating believing Gardner's Multiple Intelligences lifelong learning Bloom's Taxonomy research technology/21st century skills Philosophy 21st century skills professional development new technologies distance education research improve student learning leading DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY professors support opportunity knowledge leadership MSET my beliefs towards
technology's role
in education Supporting educational research student are the focus time management accomplishment collaboration online learning www.students.dsu.edu/howardl Spring 2010 Who is Laura?
What is her background? 3 themes that reflect my philosophy
and the MSET program What I have learned in the MSET program I have truely learned a lot through the MSET program. I appreciate the

professors for taking their time, energy and knowledge to create such a

wonderful graduate program for students to take with them and apply to

their career. I am proud to be a DSU alum...twice! : ) DSU www.prezi.com Portfolio Presentation dakota state university applying
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