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Jury Presentation

Apoorva Singh

on 24 September 2012

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Mapping Variety mythology Testing Waters Example Technology Diploma Project Presentation Before... [ How it all began ] - Architecture + Graphics

- Value addition to work-folio

- Interest in new 'things' Why I wanted to be a part of this? - Expanding scope of Communication Design

- Advent of the 'T-thinker'

- Uniqueness of medium How is the project important/relevant ? [ Approach , Process and Implementation ] ...during... Client Brief The Client Objective - To conceptualize and design the graphic language of an 'Architectural Projection Mapping' sequence for VIA Interactive.

- The project will be used for in-house demonstration to prospective clients to showcase the scope of the medium. Deliverable 1. Analysis of the medium, its technique and applications

2. Consumer Study : Global and Local trends

3. Conceptualization via graphics (sketches, visualizations, storyboard)

4. 'Mock up' sequence on a scaled model for better understanding of the visual impact Projection Mapping is
a projection technique that can turn a surface into a dynamic video display.

It is done by warping and masking the projected image to fit perfectly on irregular screens or objects. What is Projection Mapping ? Parallel Existing Concepts Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Cymatics Immersive Virtual Instrument Application Definition Architectural
Mapping what is Building Facade Display Technologies LED display
on facade LED on sun-blinds Brise Soleil Architectural Projection Mapping is
the projection of motion graphics in real-time onto the surface of a building or a structure.

It transforms the building into a dynamic construction. India Gate, New Delhi, 2012 BID University, Rajasthan Lucknow University, Lucknow IIT Guwahati, Guwahati Scope in India - Targeting urban audience and youth

- Relies on skill of execution, not on concept

- Definite growth and medium awareness in recent years Technique
and Equipments Barco HD20 Projector 20,000 Lumen Barco R9050100 Projector
10,000 Lumen Case Study Client : artist Gigi Scaria

Brief : Design multiple video projection inside mock elevator

Venue : India Pavilion at the 54th International Art Exhibition, Venice

Year : 2011 - To conceptualize and design the graphic language of an Architectural Mapping Sequence for a building designed by the firm

- To execute a basic motion sequence demonstrating the designed concept (for a single projector system) Redefined Brief The Process The Building A Performing Arts Center situated in Mandi House, the cultural hub of New Delhi ? Definition Consumer Study Other Solutions Technicals Implementation Process Map Architecture Site
Map Dynamic Open Public fragmented Linear Unbalanced
proportions Initial Explorations material - Thermocol
scale - 1:25 Disaster One music selection Model Making Projection on

- Football
- Helmet
- Toys

(basically anything found lying around,
including colleagues in office ) Concept Selection Agni, Surya and Vayu Abstract narrative Geometry in Nature Dream Sequence Light and Shadow Genres of Music Real time Abstract narrative drama - Requires large consolidated surfaces

- Relatively rigid - Performing Arts Center

- Flexible and open format

- Scope for subplots Design Translation JAZZ on a
Saturday Night [ Prototype One ] Read
Listen 1. Herbie Hancock "Chameleon"

2. John Coltrane "Love Supreme"

3. Grover Washington "Mister Magic"

4. Dave Brubeck "Take Five" (FINAL) Shortlisted
Tracks walking
business story board Environments some more artwork Paint me
the BLUES [ Prototype Two ] Read
Listen Shortlisted
Tracks 1. Marvin Gaye "Through the Grapevine"

2. The Temptations "My Girl"

3. Thelma Houston "Leave me this way"

4. My Girl Remix by BMore Girl (FINAL) Origami
Obituary First stint
Aftereffects story board some more artwork Environments Prototype One 3D illusion Prototype Two Type
in 3D Building
Distortion Exploration
video exploration [ Learning and un-learning ] ...after - Theme expansion

- Interaction

- Promotional Events

- Mixed Medium Project
Application - Flexibility is important for growth

- Differentiate 'comfort zone' from 'strength'

- Clarity in process facilitates teamwork

- Time Management Industry
Experience The Future Thank You
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