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No description

Maxima Schiller

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Saturn!

Saturn's Rings.
Saturn is not the only 1 planet to have rings round it. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune all have smaller ring systems. But Saturn's rings stretch out more than twice the width of the planet. They can bee seen from earth through a telescope. The rings are not solid, they are made up of millions of pieces of rock and dust which all orbit saturn.
Saturn is nearly all gas. Scientists think it may have a small rocky core at its centre, perhaps about the size of earth! The gas its made of is very light indeed, Saturn would float on water!
What it looks like from Earth
From Earth it seems that Saturn is surrounded by three rings, but the 1981 voyager Space probe discovered that there are thousands of ice particles. These ringlets stretch for thousands of kilometers
into space in a paper-thing disc.
Did you know?
Early astronomers could not see Saturn's rings clearly.However,they are seen easily through today's telescopes,except when Saturn is tilted at a particular angle and the rings are side-on to Earth,
By Maxima and Hee Jae!
We hope you enjoyed!!
What is it made of
Far From the sun
Orange coloured Titan is
Saturn's biggest moon in the solar system with an atmosphere,which is made up mostly of nitrogen.As on Venus,this thickatmosphere hangs over Titan like a veil.
The rings were formed long ago, perhaps when a moon or an asteroid came too close to Saturn and was torn apart by the strong gravity of the planet, which is the second largest in the solar system.
How rings were formed
What's inside Saturn
Below the cloud layers of Saturn is a layer of hydrogen gas. Below that, is a very deep sea of liquid hydrogen mixed with helium. There is no clear border between the gas in the atmosphere and the sea of liquid hydrogen. The two layers of the planet blend together.
The moons.
Saturn has 62 moons, But only 10 of them could be seen, which are the biggest. Saturn's biggest moon is Titan, which is also called the
moon. Titan is about 1.2 million kilometers away from Saturn. Some of the moons that are seen are: Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Hyperion, Lapetus and Phoebe



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