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February 10, 2014 IT Staff Meeting

meeting presentation

Tom Stangroom

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of February 10, 2014 IT Staff Meeting

February 10, 2014
Welcome & Congratulations
New Employees
2014 Themes, Goals and Priorities
Information Technology Staff Meeting

Service Awards
But first it's time for our daily scrum meeting....
New Employees
Service Awards
2014 Goals
Align with Strategy
Service Excellence

Masie Habib

Charles Buford

10 Years
Mary Kabza

Major Themes
Prioritization Committee
Goal alignment
Better decisions
Greater transparency
Put Strategic Plan into Action

Be a cohesive team and continue to build trust among one another
Willingness to make the success of the collective (not just individual success) a personal priority
Behave as one Unified IT Department and Business Partner
Foster a Culture of Delivery and a Culture of Service
Maintain Robust Infrastructure and the highest levels of availability
Maintain a Secure Enterprise, with no disclosure or loss of protected data
Be the Strongest Business Partner Possible
Add the Most Value That We Can
Enable and support the Strategic Plan and Initiatives
5 Years
Dana Bain

NRECA Strategic Framework
National Network Strategy
Guided Events Management System (GEMS)
RS Redesign
OMNI Bundle Implementation
Self Directed
Brokerage Account
How do Major Projects align?
Enterprise Architecture Program
Infrastructure Projects
Website Administration
Desktop Service & Technology Support
Secure Enterprise
NRECA Portal
How does your work align?
IT Communities
The relevance of NRECA is highly dependent on member engagement. Engagement is the path to empowerment and developing long-term trust. Identifying the key drivers of engagement is essential to ensuring that NRECA engages its members where they are based on who they are.
NRECA’s continued commitment to quality in the delivery of its services to its members is paramount to its continuing relevance. The principles of service excellence must be embraced by every employee.
NRECA’s current work and history are both information assets. Our story must have a coherent message, signature style and purpose. Our relevance is dependent on the story being heard by multiple audiences on a constant basis.
NRECA and its member systems are leading the advocacy and technology development processes on six key emerging issues within the electric utility industry.
​​​​​​Focusing attention on the Seventh Cooperative Principle, Concern for Community, NRECA provides innovative support for its members’ efforts to enhance the quality of life in the communities they serve. Outreach to other cooperative sectors can create new opportunities in communities by identifying common interests and needs.
NRECA and its member systems have had a 50-year commitment to rural electrification in the developing world. With 2 billion people still lacking electricity globally, there is much to be accomplished, particularly in building cooperative institutions. NRECA is further committed to supporting the global cooperative movement.
The electric cooperative network is a horizontal collaboration of 860 distribution cooperatives in 47 states serving 42 million people. NRECA and its sister federated organizations exist to serve that network. NRECA is committed to leveraging relationships within the network to maximize the effectiveness of all members. Cooperation among cooperatives is the key to success.
As we see a generation of leaders retiring from the electric cooperative program, NRECA recognizes its responsibility to assist in the transition of boards, managers and employees. The future workforce must not only have the requisite skills and competencies to meet the emerging needs within the industry and local communities but also demonstrate a passion for and commitment to cooperatives.
Strategic Framework Explained
What does it mean?
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