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Different Breeds Of Cats

No description

Grace Krelle

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Different Breeds Of Cats

Egyptian Mau
This cat is the fastest runner out of all the domestic cats. It is because of its longer hind legs, and the flap of skin that it has on its body. So they have really good agility. They believe that Maus can run 30mph.

Different Breeds Of Cats
By: Grace Krelle!
Norwegian Forest Cat
This cat used to be in the group of the cat breed, the Abyssinian. But then a breeder long ago got one and called it the Somali. They were accepted by North America, and later, accepted by Europe.
Norwegian Forest cats are very strong. They have long legs, and a very bushy tail. Norwegians have very strong claws, so they are great at climbing. Their lifespan is 14-16 years.
Many of these cats just have a little tail that you can barely see, but they are known for being completely tailless.
This cat's pattern is found in many breeds. All of these cats come with a shape of the letter "M" on their forehead.
This domestic cat breed has been in Russia for centuries. The longer name for this cat is the Siberian Forest cat. They now believe that this cat is an ancestor to all long-haired cats.
Calicoes are white, but they are patched with two different colors: orange tabby and black. There are also calicoes that are mixes of tabby cats.
RagaMuffin cats have been around since 1994. They are known for their thick, rabbit-like fur.
This cat is the first cousin of the Siamese. The are part of the Siamese and Oriental cat breeds. These cats are known for their elegance, and their 16 different colors besides their four Siamese colors!
Colorpoint Shorthair
My Favorite Cat: Caliby
A Caliby is a mix of a Tabby and a Calico.
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