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Swedish Cuisine

No description

Oscar Palmqvist

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Swedish Cuisine


Sweden is one of the four countries which are classified as scandinavia.
Some people argue Finland is in Scandinavia, but they are wrong.


The biggest country in Scandinavia, it has 9 million people, covering ~500,000 square kilometer.

It contains 25 "län", but can often be divided into North, South and Skåne, which is closest to Denmark.

Each area have their own traditions and cuisine, but they are all very similar, so therefore they are often considered the same.


Swedish Cuisine

Swedish Cuisine is often divided into Summer and winter cuisine.
Summer Cuisine is often more fruits, vegetables, and "lighter" meats, such as fish and poultry.
Winter Cuisine is very often alot of potatoes, "heavier" meats and more thick sauces, such as "brun-sås", a swedish kind of gravy.
Swedish Cuisine

The reason we divide Swedish cuisine into two is because of temperature.
During the winter people need more energy to be able to work, while the warmer summers mean that less energy is needed.

This is based on the traditions rooting from 1900s, when a majority of Sweden's population were farmers, like many other Swedish culinary traditions.
Typical Swedish Summer Cuisine Smoked Fresh Fish Potato Salad Typical Swedish Winter Cuisine Swedish Meatballs Falukorv Other typical Swedish Dishes:
Swedish Pancakes
Pytt i Panna
Crayfish during Crayfish Day
Swedish Apetizers
Thin-Bread with horseradish paste and raindeer meat.
Shrimp mixed with a yogurt like paste served on bread.
Smörgåsbord, is one of the most well known swedish terms
This includes appetizer, mains coarse and deserts.

Swedish Deserts and Sweets

Most of the deserts in Sweden are summer deserts, as it is during this period fruits, especially strawberries, blueberries, apples and pears are available.
Therefore most of our deserts are fruit or berry based.
Deserts Blueberry Pie Strawberry and Cream Cake Typical Ingredients in Swedish Cuisine
Dairy Products
Seafood (on the coast or by the lakes)
Pork, beef or lamb
Smörgåsbord, is one of the most well known swedish terms
This includes appetizer, mains coarse and deserts. Sweden - History

Sweden has as a country existed for around 500 years, but before this it was split into different "Kingdoms", who all came together under one flag to fight the Danes.

Sweden Today
Today Sweden is a very modern country and it has been influenced by all the other western nations, mainly America.
But even with the influences, Sweden still retains its simplistic, functional values.
Sweden Today

Sweden is famous for safe cars, IKEA, swedish meatballs, but still the most iconic Swedish thing is ....

Typical Swedish Drinks And of course...
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