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Seminar on Parallelism

No description

Vanessa Pozzoli

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Seminar on Parallelism

She wanted three things: money, power and security.
You will find the lights bulbs in the closet or under the kitchen counter.
(either...or, neither...nor, both...and, not only... but also, the more...the less, as...as, whether...or)
Students: Laura Souza
Marcelo Oliveira
Vanessa Pozzoli
4 Parallelism Rules
We usually use parallel structure
with elements...
joined by coordinating conjunctions
in lists or in a series
joined by a linking verb
joined by a correlative conjunction
1. Elements joined by a coordinating conjunction
(and, but, or, yet...)
Thinking and running often accompany one another as I exercise.

Parallel Words
Parallel Phrases
Parallel Clauses
2. Elements in lists or in a series
People are paying more for health insurance but getting less coverage.
A series is a group of 3 or more elements in a row
Series of words
Series of infinitives
There was no opportunity to do my taxes, to request an extension, or to explain my situation.
Series of prepositional words
He found cleaning supplies in the closet, under the sink, but not in the garage.
Series of clauses
The company doesn't care about who you are, how you got there, or why you have come.
3. Elements joined by a linking verb
1. Being Jim's friend means being constantly alert.

2. To love her is to know her.

3. What she said was what she meant
4. Elements joined by correlative conjunctions
1. We were told either to reduce the staff or find new costumers.
2. I would like to buy both a new house and a new car.
3. Sam hoped not only to go to France for the summer but also to live there later on.
4. The more we saw, the less we could believe.
The principle of parallel construction requires that expressions which are similar in function should also be similar (parallel) in form.
For exemple:
1. The frustrated costumer wanted to exchange the product, obtain a refund, or speak to the manager.
2. My friends never judge me by my words or by my actions.
verbs in the
And why would it be so important?
Using parallel structure in your writing
will help you with:

logical sequence
harmony in the text
Faulty parallelism:
2. My friends never judge me by my words or by what I do.
1. The frustrated costumer wanted to exchange the product, obtain a refund, or he wanted to speak to the manager.
Correct the following sentences and say which parallelism rule has not been followed:
1. Reading mystery novels, exercising in the park, and crossword puzzles occupy a good deal of my retirement time.
2. We put the pictures and what our itinerary was into the album.
3. Many people think that being wealthy is the same thing as to be happy.
4. She is both happy about the raise and she is nervous about the extra responsibility.
5. Doing strenuous exercise and poor nutrition habits can lead to illness.
6. Bridgeport won not only the game but also they won the league championship.
7. Since I left my country, I have become more responsible and a more independent person.
8. You will need to either present a driver's license or a major credit card to write a check in that store.
9. Doing well on the GRE means to assure yourself acceptance into a good graduate school.
10. We found the film repulsive, offensive, and we thought it was embarrassing.
Complete the sentences maintaining parallelism:
5. As a taxpayer I want my money used wisely and _______.
2. Ms. Hunter has established a record of effective and __________ leadership in government.
3. The president has worked hard to control excess government spending, protect our environment and __________________________.
4. I still enjoy playing in the leaves, skipping down the driveway, and __________________________.
1. The more I work, the less time ________ with my family.
I spend
invest in education
swimming in the river
Towson University's website:

That's all, guys
Prof. Maria Fachin Soares
in its grammatical structure!
(avoiding repetition)
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