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Guy De Maupassant- his work and the literary movement he bel

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on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Guy De Maupassant- his work and the literary movement he bel

Guy De Maupassant
his work and the literary movement he belonged to
Guy de Maupassant was a popular French writer and is considered one of the fathers of the modern short story.

He wrote around 300 short stories, 6 novels and some poetry. He wrote Bel Ami in 1885, which is now a major movie featuring R-Patz and Uma Thurman!

He was part of the Naturalism movement that evolved in the 19th century after romanticism and realism.

Maupassant's work
the greatest influence on Maupassant's life and career was Flaubert
after his first novel 'Boule de suif' he broke away from naturalism towards realism
he had a severe pessimism toward life, and a disdain for bourgeois values
many of his stories center on madness, depression, and paranoia
death and destruction is seen quite prevalently in his stories
he often used themes such as war and German occupation
he focused a lot on women, especially victims and prostitutes
family life and children are also areas explored by Maupassant
19th century french literature
the 19th-century was a dynamic time in French history
many styles emerged as French literature thrived
Maupassant came under the 'naturalism' style though his work clearly followed the realist model of his mentor Flaubert and had elements of the Gothic Novel
naturalists took their subject matter from the working classes and often portrayed the misery and harsh conditions of real life

quotes by Maupassant
« La conquête des femmes est la seule aventure exaltante dans la vie d’un homme. »
a little quiz to see who was paying attention!
which style did Maupassant belong to?
name two events that occurred in 19th century French history.
how many novels did Maupassant write?
who was Flaubert?
why did Maupassant's work face censorship?
name three short stories that explore the theme of war/German invasion.
« Nos yeux, nos oreilles, notre odorat, notre goût diffèrent, créent autant de vérités qu'il y a d'hommes sur la terre. »
« La vie, voyez-vous, ça n'est jamais si bon ni si mauvais qu'on croit. »
« Une oeuvre d'art n'est supérieure que si elle est, en même temps, un symbole et l'expression exacte d'une réalité. »
« Un baiser légal ne vaut jamais un baiser volé. »
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