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Montgomery META Project

sdfsdsd sdsdsds

on 16 December 2009

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Transcript of Snowboarding

Snowboarding HISTORY HOW IT IS JUDGED ABOUT THE SPORT SAFTY AND CAUTIONS - Hard to determine who actually first made it -Officially recorded that M.J.Burchette was the first one make snowboard -First official snowboard competition held in 1981 -Two events are introduced in 1998 (halfpipe and individual giant sloam) -In 2002 individual giant sloam is replaced by parallel giant sloam -In 2006 snowboard cross was introduced -In halfpipe, it is judged by the height of the jump and style of their move Halfpipe is event where one snowboarder moves from side to side on a half cylinder shaped snow tube -In parallel giant sloam, it is a race between series of gates; the winner gets to move to the next round -In snowboard cross, four snowboarders race each other over lots of obstacles. Only two winners get to move on to the next round -Inspired by skateboarding, surfing, and skiing -Jibbing means rail riding There are lots of styles in snowboarding such as; freestyle, jibbing, and free ride -Dry slope is a men-made mountain for parts where snowy mountain is not near by There is an alpine snowboarding called free carve
-Snowboarding could be a dangerous sport
-Must wear a safety gear to ride (helmets, gloves, and etc) -Most injured body parts are wrist and ankles -There are 100,000 cases of broken wrists every year -Athletes all over the world are promoting wearing helmets Thankyou for watching Where the hell am I The END
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