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The General Education Teacher’s Role in an IEP, Do’s and Don

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David Dore

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The General Education Teacher’s Role in an IEP, Do’s and Don

The General Education Teacher’s Role in an IEP, Do’s and Don’ts of Special Education, & Understanding Placement Decisions (Focused Monitoring Session)
Today our goals are to:
Provide a brief overview of the Special Education process at HF by
Clarifying the general education teacher's role.
Define the various professionals and their role in the development of a student's IEP.
Define the types of meetings that occur at HF.
Discuss the spectrum of programming options at HF and how the team determines what is appropriate for a student.

Benefits of the IEP
IEP's provide many benefits.
They are General Education driven.
They provide a way for many students to have access to an education they deserve.
Learn information about a student that will help them be more successful.
Areas of Concern
While we value the IEP we know that we are not perfect in our implementation.
Concern from the focus monitoring:
General Education teachers being unsure of their role.
Hard to disseminate information.
Meetings can be too short too adequately cover all information.
Please Take our online Special Education Acronym quiz.

Please log onto www.edmodo.com and join our group.

The group code is ppn98z.
Various Professionals Roles in the IEP
Below are a list of professionals that may or may not be in an IEP meeting based upon student needs. If the team decides that the student needs any of the following services the professional would develop a draft goal for the meeting.
Social Worker:
Speech Pathologist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Hearing/Vision Itinerant
Staffing Facilitator: Runs the meetings and makes sure our IEPs are in compliance with the law.
Programing Options Available at HF
Individually developed and determined.
Can be a combination of the following.
VAST: 18 to 22 Years Old
Life Skills: Students who need a modified Academic/Life Skills curriculum..
Cross Categorical: Students who need a modified academic curriculum.
Anchor: Students who need emotional supports.
Resource: Provides special education supports for students in the general education setting.
External placements: For students who need a more restrictive educational environment to meet their needs.
Types of Meetings
30 day:
9th and Transfer Students
Every 3 years or based upon SST referral.
Parental or Teacher Concerns
Manifestation determination:
To determine if a student's behavior is a function of the disability (Generally after a student has a major behavioral incident, i.e. Weapon, or drug use)
General Education Teachers Role
Provide input about student's performance in class.
Provide a perspective on what a typically developing peer might be working on.
Provide feedback on the feasibility of various accommodations and modifications.
How an IEP meeting shouldn't go?
Additional Resources
IDEA Information Handout from Tammy Green

"Person First Language" by Kathie Snow
Principals of IDEA
Free and appropriate education
Appropriate Evaluations
Individualized Education Plan
Least Restrictive Environment
Parent and Student Participation in Decision Making
Procedural Safeguards
Case Manager Role
A student with an IEP is assigned a case manager.
The case manager drafts goals for a student based upon teacher feedback and various formal and informal assessments.
General Education email feedback is vital (case manger might not have the student in class).
All notes can become a part of the file so please be professional in your response.
IEP Meetings
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