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Exposition on English

On future

Eugenia Leira Sánchez

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Exposition on English

Vocabulary TOPICS PLANS PLANS TOPICS MOBILE PHONE EXPOSITION ON FUTURE Venecia Silvia Garcia Medina put on weight fat pollution enviroment request FOOD fat robot tactile menu cards nutrition fold transparent everyday objects best processor play games in a real time APPOINTMENTS: Next week to eat pizza Eugenia Leira Sánchez PLANS teaching children teaching career teaching career 4 years love teach love listen waterways waterways theaters ITALY APPOINTMENTS NEXT WEEK Tuesday: exposition of english Wednesday: Friday: restaurant Chinesse boat vegetable oil Topics: Houses other greener materials(reinforced glass) Solar energy , (renewable energy) PLANS runs on biogas the kitchen wireless or bluetooth digital temperature control electronic security systems we wont need a key, so the smartphone ! the books A 3D BOOK TOPICS: The students will use a e books, the people believe: Madrid: Torre eiffel statue of grand palai EDUCATION: (PHYCHOLOGIC) like helping people electronic security
reinforced glass
e_ books
wireless we wont need On Wednesday : delicious On Saturday : the museum On Friday: the center of my city Paris: Pyramid of museo de Louvre I feel good about myself e book (letra psi) pedagogy :) boring!
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