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Henry Blacketer

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Overfishing

Our OCeans Are In Danger!
These are some of the many problems the oceans face.
We have two or three times the amount of fishing vessels needed to fish planet Earth!
52% of fish species fully exploited.
20% are moderatly exploited.
These are safe at the moment, but if we fish them more then we do now, there species will collpase!
Peruvian anchoveta, Alaska pollock, Japanese anchovy,
blue whiting in the northeast Atlantic, capelin in the North Atlantic,
and Atlantic herring are all fully exploited.
These fish are realtively safe, because we don't
fish them enough to be a problem.
We leave enough of these to rebuild the
population before the next fishing season.
But imagine
what would happen
if we didn't?
Somthing like this!
17% are over exploited!
7% are depleted!
But only 1% are actually recovering from their depletion!
These fish are fished so much that they don;t have time to breed and to replenish the population!
This mean there are less and less every year.
Can you imagine
an ocean without fish?

These fish have been depleted - there none left to fish!
There still there, but in such small quantity's
that you can't fish them
This is bad becasue
everything that feeds
on them goes hungry!
There is still hope - these fish will eventually recover .
But only if don't fish them
while they rebuild.
It is incredibly important that these fish rebuild.
Otherwise, whole ecosystems will be destroyed.
With the world fishing fleet, we could safely fish...
4 Planet Earths!
It's a disaster!
Because we prevent them being
overfished they are safe.
x3 = BAd!
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