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Copy of In cold Blood

No description

Alex Wing

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of In cold Blood

Perry Smith and Richard "Dick" Hickock were arrested in Las Vegas on December 30, 1959. Only 3 weeks after the murders. Floyd Wells told the warden that Smith and Hickock were the ones who murdered the Clutter family. Smith and Hickock tried to plea insanity, but were found sane and they were on death row for 5 years before being hung on April 14, 1965.
In Cold Blood - Pages 102 -130
What happens...
The Themes + Topics
Pages 102 - 103 = Theme of Forgiveness = "Let us not feel this way"

Pages 104 - 105 = Reflection on Murder = "Know what really bugs me"

Page 106 = Theme of Religion = "Dick had never come near a belief in god"

Page 105 - 106 = Analysis on why Dick Chose Perry = "I've come to trust you"

106 - 108 = Background on Dick + Perry's Life =

Page 107 = Theme of Trust = "I never told anybody"

Page 109 - 113 = How the murder has effected Holcomb's residence's

The murders
Herb, Bonnie, Nancy, and Kenyon
Beverly Clutter

"Miss Clutter had worn white"

She pushes forwards her wedding because of "Relatives being here from distant places"
Truman Capote's was an American writer he was born on September 30,1924. Truman's real name is Truman Streckfus Persons. He is best know for writing
Breakfast at Tiffany's
In Cold Blood
. Truman was was best friends and neighbor's with Harper Lee. Lee was famous for writing
To Kill a Mockingbird
. Lee later became Capote's research partner for the book
In Cold Blood
. Capote heard about the Clutter family murders in the New york Times and was interested in finding out more about the case. Capote and Lee went to Holcomb, KS to collect research. They interviewed the towns people, visited the home, motel, diner, and Dick Hickock's

parent's home. He then befriended Perry Smith during the interviews. Capote said that Smith fascinated him. Capote had collected over 8,000 pages of research. Capote finished the book and it was published in 1966. The book was originally published in a four part series.
The Killers
The Clutter Family
Herb and Kenyon were tied up in the basement. Herb was laying on a cardboard box and Kenyon was laying on the couch. Herb's throat was slit and he was shot in the head. Kenyon was shot in the head at close range.
Bonnie and Nancy were tied up in their beds upstairs. They were both shot in the head at close range.
All of the Clutter's were tied up with a cord and all of them except Nancy were gagged.
Most people know the story of the Clutter murder because of the movie that was made in 1966 and 1996.

Howard Fox (Bonnie's brother)

"Let us forgive as god would have us do"

Perry repeatedly shows signs of feeling guilt and worry about the murder, he says " I think there must be something wrong with us. To do what we did."

We are also told that perry has moments where he "remembered things" about the murder such as the voices of the Clutters,

We are told he was "always wetting his bed and crying in his sleep" After the Murder

Very orientated around superstition and we are told that he "Was convinced that a broken mirror meant 7 years of bad misfortune"

Dick Quotes

"did what?"

"it really was annoying"

"deal me out, baby,' Dick said 'i'm a normal."

"it was unpleasant having Perry's eyes hidden behind the privacy of the tinted , reflecting surfaces."

"Though as a child he has attended church, Dick had never come near a belief in God."
"Dick's one abiding doubt"

"Dick was interested; he was really listening"

"But Dick was satisfied 'Boy!' he said after running down a dog, which was something he did whenever the opportunity arose"

Mrs Hartman
"since the trouble started, we've been doing all the business we can handle."
"seems like we're losing everybody, one way and another."

"Mrs Archibald William Warren-Browne"
" ..not at all resemble the cafe's other frequenters."

"one cant help imagining-silly things."

Mrs Hideo Ashida
"The Ashidas were a part of the Holcomb community everyone appreciated."
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