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Sanity vs. Insanity

English project

Katie Szewczyk

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Sanity vs. Insanity

Act 1 There is unrest in the state of Denmark and The young prince, Hamlet seems to be in questionable condition The play begins with all of these growing suspicions in mind and there is a ghost that has been appearing which strikes a resemblence to the late king Hamlet. Hamlet's not so beloved uncle, Claudious has taken the throne and suspiciously married Hamlet's mother "A little more than kin and less than kind" "O, that this too too solid
flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve
itself into a dew Hamlet does not seem to
want to live with the thought
of his incestuous mother and
his father being dead Hamlet hears that there is a ghost that resembles his father and sets out to confront it. He learns that his uncle, Claudius murdered his father and Hamlet decides to take action! "Which might deprive your soverighnty of reason and drive you into madness" Hamlet decides to take on
a false madness in order for
him to find information in ways
he never could before. Act IV Hamlet just kills Polonius and is now appearing insane. It's no longer an act, but a mental manifestation. Hamlet's mind is corrupted by the act of murder Act II Act III "i am not mad north, north, west...back from a handsow" -Hamlet (2.2.402-405) Act V During Ophelia's burial,
Laertes and Hamlet fight next to Ophelia's grave. Claudius poisons a cup for Hamlet just
incase he doesn't die in the sword fight.
Gertrude accidently drinks it and dies.... Fist of all, Lets just say
that in this act everybody just
die in some very insane ways... Claudius found Hamlet’s madness to be quite dangerous so he planned with Polonius to make Ophelia find out the true motive of his madness. Hamlet tested Ophelia to see if she would lie to him about Polonius’s whereabouts. When she lied to him about it, he felt betrayed and displayed his anger towards her. Later on, everyone went to the play that Hamlet had set up which was more of a trap for Claudius. After seeing the reaction on Claudius’s face, he was convinced that he had killed Hamlet’s father. Later after the play, he attempted to kill Claudius but failed because he was praying God meaning if he were to die here, he would go to Heaven. So Hamlet decided to postpon killing Claudius.

"Mad as the sea and wind when both contend/
Which is the mightier" (4.1.7) Hamlet was acting crazier than the waves and wind combined. C: "Now, Hamlet, where’s Polonius?
H: At supper.
C: At supper where?
H: Not where he eats, but where he is eaten. A certain/convocation of politic worms are e'en at him. Your worm is/ your only emperor for diet. We fat all creatures else to fat/ us,/ and we fat ourselves for maggots. Your fat king and your/ lean beggar is but variable servicetwo dishes, but to one/ table. That’s the end" (4.3.18).
"A pestilence on him for a mad rogue! He poured flagon or renish on my head once.....Yorick's skull, the king's gesture." (5.1.184) Hamlet makes Claudius drink the poison
and stabs him with the poisonous knife...
then Claudius gets crushed under
a chandelier so he dies... Laertes and Hamlet both
cut eachother with
poisionous swords... When Hamlet was going to confront to Gertrude, Polonius decided to spy on them behind the curtains in Gertrude’s room. While they were talking, Hamlet became worked up and scared his mother to a point where she started screaming. This caused Polonius to sound the alarm which was on the wall where he was. Hamlet thought the man behind the curtain was Claudius and violently started to stab through the curtains thus killing Polonius. After that, the ghost reappeared in the room however Gertrude could not see it.

"Get thee to the nunnery!"(Act 3. 1. 121) In this scene he treats her very aggressively slaming her around. Once again he acts mad as if he never loved Ophelia. "On him, on him! Look you how pale he glares!/ his form and cause conjoined, preaching to stones/ would make them capable"(3. 4. 126-128)

Claudius planned to kill Hamlet by..
making Laertes sword fight him
with a poisonous sword. In the graveyard, the two grave diggers are shoveling out a grave for Ophelia when Hamlet and Horatio walk in... Hamlet finds a skull... Basically, The Gravedigger says that
the skull is Yorick's and that he's insane.... Hamlet admits he was acting crazy and asks Laertes for forgiveness but Laertes refuses...so then they fight... Slowly because of the poisonous sword, Hamlet and Laertes die... Fortinbras is king. This was uncontrollably insane! Hamlet was a lot less insane in this act
because he actually apologized to someone
for the first time but Laertes got worse. Hamlet goes insane again
over his mother's death...
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