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BRM 2016 3 Working with Literature

Concentrates on establishing and understanding the purpose of the literature review and the steps involved in undertaking a comprehensive literature review.

Kevin O'Gorman

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of BRM 2016 3 Working with Literature

Reviewing the Literature
Your literature review is NOT...
the first 20 articles you find
every article or source you find
a summary
Your literature review...
is a framework that supports your research/ideas
orients your reader to where your research/ideas fit into the existing conversation on your topic
is about being critical and selective
Where are you searching?
What are your keywords?
Citations for Bibliography
Tool: RefWorks
Tool: Zotero
Research Log
How are you going to remember where you searched later?
Parallel Process
Tool: EndNote
Tool: Mendeley
What about the PDFs?
Researcher Support
Productivity tools (Evernote, Google Reader)
Data Management
Impact Factor
Work Place
Can you answer these questions?
Top 5 library databases for your discipline
Top 10 journals in your field
Top 5 seminal authors/thinkers in your field
Reading Critically
Favorite Search Efficiencies
Use OR to add synonyms to search
Limit to "title" or "abstract"
Explore useful "subjects" (human expertise of database)
Try searching in 3-5 databases
Middle Way
“He just didn’t seem to understand the banter”:
Bullying or simply establishing social cohesion?
A thinking system!
New Rationale
Does your literature review start at a more general level before narrowing down?
Does the literature covered relate clearly to your research question and objectives?
Have you covered key theories of recognised experts in the area?
Are the issues highlighted where your research will provide fresh insights?
Is the literature up to date?
Have you been objective and used reasonable judgement in your discussion and assessment of other people’s work?
Have you included references counter to your own opinion?
Have you clearly justified your own ideas?
Do your arguments link together & lead clearly to your research questions?
Understanding of topic and subtopics
Accurate interpretation of literature
Critical appraisal of literature
Synthesis of literature
Develop a storyline which logically and convincingly leads to research questions
Original research questions/hypotheses
Quality, breadth and depth of reading
Check List
Examiners' Expectations

Who is the author’s audience?
What are the central claims/arguments of the text? (if no argument then what are the key points and why is the author making them?)
What is the main evidence?
How is that substantiated?
What assumptions lie behind the evidence / arguments?
Is adequate proof provided and backed up with examples?
What the weaknesses of the argument/evidence?
What do other leading authors say on the topic?
Bibliography Mining
Cited Reference Searching
Web of Science
Google Scholar
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