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We Need to Talk About Kevin

This novel refers to a mother, Eva. Eva is concerned that her dislike for her son is responsible for what he's done.

Lianne Comeau

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of We Need to Talk About Kevin

- 2 years after the school massacre
at Columbine school Kevin is sent
to Juvenille Denention until he's 19.

- Eva finds it's a better place for him.

- Where it's "it's normal" to be mad all the time.

- He connects with the others easily.

- Although, Kevin found himself : he's
a murderer. Eva Katchadourian Kevin Katchadourian - As Kevin grew up, Eva and her son
never really got along.

- She was often frustrated with her son because he'd never listen to her.

- Eva went to court after the Kevin's massacre on thursday, killing : 8 students
1 teacher
1 cafeteria worker

- The judge wanted to know why
he killed those people and if Eva was
ever abussive. - As Kevin grew up, he was nothing but trouble.

- He cried constantly as a baby.

- Refused to speak until 3 years old.

- Constantly screaming.

- Refused to be potty trained until 6 years old.

- Only acted out around Eva.

- He enjoyed making his mom miserable. Eventually, Eva was in need to bond
with another family member

- At 44, Eva gives birth to a baby girl, Celia

- Eva was amazed by her daughter. She's was a sweetheart.

- At 6, Celia gets into an "accident". - Eva never wanted to be a mother.

- She liked having her time for : herself, work and her husband.

- She didn't feel touched by the loveliness and cuteness of her friends' children.

- Eventually, Eva and her husband Franklin get pregnant around Eva's 30s. - Eva hated everything about pregnancy.

- After Kevin's birth, she didn't even hold him.

- She didn't cry of joy

- She had absolutely no emotion. Publication date : April 14 2003
Genre : Drama Thiller Fiction
Awards : (2005) Orange Prize for fiction
(2011) We Need to Talk About Kevin became a film - Kevin felt kind of alone in prison.

- He missed his mom.

- Kevin thought he knew why he
killed those people but he didn't.

- Near the end of the novel
he was kind of confused.

- Eva was all Kevin had left, literally. We Need to Talk About Kevin
Author : Lionel Shriver
Born May 18, 1957 in Gastonia, North CA. Why did I choose this novel ?
What did I think about this novel ? Eva's Characteristics Kevin's Characteristics "Lucky for you too ! You need us ! What would
you do without me, film a documentary on
paint drying ? What are all those folks doing but
watching me? Don't you think they'd have changed
the channel by now if all I'd done is get an A in
Geometry class ? Bloodsuckers ! I do their dirty
work for them". - Kevin (p. 355) Characters

Eva Katchadourian
Franklin Katchadourian
Kevin Katchadourian
Celia Katchadourian

The main characters are Eva and her son, Kevin.
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