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Your personal online brand

No description

Florence Broderick

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Your personal online brand

Your personal online brand
LinkedIn: your profile basics
LinkedIn - content challenge
Why Twitter?
Twitter - the content balance
Why bother?
Is this for everyone?
Your profile
Recommendations / endorsements
Basic overview
Good examples and best practice
Other tools
Punchy summary (max. 150 words)
Professional photo
Video CV or references
Use bulletpoints and numerical information in job descriptions
Use visual resources (e.g. embed videos & presentations)
Include links to your Twitter, blog or personal website
List your rotations (i.e. not just graduate scheme)
Use default job titles where possible (recruitment)
Interests work like tags
Endorsements and recommendations
LinkedIn: grow your network
Keep an eye on "Who's viewed your profile"
Connect with people from online and offline conversations
Join groups relevant to your field of work
Follow companies (especially Telefónica ones!)
Do include a "personal note" when you connect
Share articles, videos, charts and infographics which you find interesting (try 2 per day).
Show you are engaged by your field of work, embrace comment and debate.
Look at the newsfeed and share when appropriate.
Fastest way to pick up news (internal and external)
No way near as "corporate" as LinkedIn
Feel free to just "lurk"
See what's happening in real-time
Great for events
Telefónica leadership are taking it seriously
Strike a balance that suits you. On Twitter you can include personal content.
For example:
30% tech
20% telco
20% marketing
20% sport
10% personal
Twitter - example @jmalvpal
"Fundamentos tecnológicos del coche autónomo @aunCLICdelasTIC."
"Investors think Google wastes money on moonshot projects. Larry Page wants to spend more...Washington Post."
" 5 kilometros, la distancia ideal para cualquier objetivo. Runners.
Twitter - who to follow?
Key Telefónica accounts (@tefdigital, @telefonicaid, @o2, @o2businessUK etc)
Key people within Telefónica
Colleagues and other graduates
Influencers in your space
Tech blogs (http://bit.ly/1zttYxZ)
It's not weird to follow people you don't know!
Twitter - top tips
Give considered opinions, don't always regurgitate.
Take advantage of the accessibility.
Tweet tidily.
Read the feed, listen to who you're following.
Use your mobile device (71% of tweeps are).
Don't chase followers, pursue engagement.

Managing multiple social networks
Twitter: privacy & security
Public vs Protected?
DM (Direct Message)
Spam. Do not click!

Klout - measure your progress
TrustediD - is my online brand squeaky clean?
Blogging is for the 1% bracket.
Platforms to consider:
Others here: http://on.mash.to/1q3o4lw
Decide on topics, frequency and style.
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